Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Simple Way to Solve America's Abortion Problem!

But this type of abortion will be legal as long as its against Muslims or enemies of Israel!
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This solution to help deal with this abortion problem is so simple, so loving and so Christian-like, I'm surprised none of America's Christians were the first to come up with this. Following this idea will mean that the 1.1 million or so abortions (Can't even find an abortion number all agree on) each year in the USA will now be turned into births of babies that will light up our lives!

And those Republicans who have been ranting and raving about abortion, you're part of this too and you'll no longer be allowed to sneak in abortions for your staff.

That goes for you anti-abortion people who like to picket and raise hell in front of abortion clinics; you too will no longer be able to sneak into Planned Parenthood and get an abortion.

Ditto for the 15 yo kid of anti-abortion activists, you will no longer be able to get your high school honor student, bound for Princeton into an abortion clinic thru the alley. Because there's no need to!

The simplicity of this plan is what makes it so special!

Henceforth, any woman or couple that's contemplating abortion will be forced to carry the pregnancy to term and then, the ones who for reasons of sanity or too many mouths to feed or even rape and incest victims were going to abort will now hand over the baby to someone in the pro-life community who wants to eliminate abortion.

Since there's millions and millions of these anti-abortion types, finding a home for that unwanted child will be simple a matter of putting all the anti-abortionists names into a pool, then have a daily drawing of names to see who in the pro-life movement will be getting a new miracle!

For instance, someone like the possibly unhinged Senator Ted Cruz could get a baby from a teenage heroin junkie who's also a prostitute--to support her habit--who also has HIV, which means Ted and his family will be getting a small miracle that is both addicted to heroin and has HIV!
Oh miracles of miracles, for that little one to be welcomed into a loving home that will be able to spend all the money needed to treat the HIV and wean the baby off heroin. Bless you Senator Ted!

And that 65 yo soon to be retired couple, who had saved for that trip to Europe? Oops, better put that Rhine River cruise on hold, as you'll be getting a baby from the incestuous rape of a 14 yo daughter. Since the DNA was too close, your little miracle will have autism and also be mentally challenged, due to Hydrocephaly, but that doesn't matter to you Christians, since you know your reward is in the hereafter!
So turn that game den into a nursery and get ready for those 3 am feedings and diaper changes and you'll also need to plan for the extended future, since your 'bundle of joy' will never progress past the mental state of an eight year old.

See how simple this plan is? Makes one wonder why all those anti-abortion Christians didn't come up with this plan, since they are filled with Old Testament love of their fellow man, as shown by all the war mongers they vote into office.

But this type of post-birth 'abortion' will still be legal, again, as long as the one to be aborted is a Muslim or enemy of Israel! After all, the USA is a Christian nation, not a bunch of blood thirsty lunatics.
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“When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

NOTE: This is satire, as in a joke, but abortion is no joking matter. It's an excruciating choice for the woman or couple involved that doesn't make for laughter.

But neither does the fascist Christian goon army jack-booting their way into a woman's private affair between her and her doctor. These fuckers are not only getting bolder, they're getting arrogantly hostile, becoming the American version of the Taliban and at 100 million or so strong, a force that is not going to stop till they barge into every woman's bedroom and every hospital in the land, with guns if necessary.

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