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How a Jew Avoids Arrest...He Tries to Overthrow a Nation

Good grief, no wonder the Jew MSM has to keep barking and braying about Muslim boogiemen, they need to keep the GOY distracted with tall tales so they won't look behind the curtain held up by Wolf Blitzer and FOX N***.
Muslim boogiemen created by the West. (Excellent article outlining many of the 'boogiemen' the West has created. Another article from the 1970's that was a blueprint for breaking apart the ME)

In early September 2013, Geneva police raided the home of the richest Israeli, Beny Steinmetz, looking for evidence of corruption and bribes in the selling of mine licenses of the Simandou iron ore deposit in Guinea.
Billionaire Steinmetz’s Home Said to Be Raided by Police

The Geneva home of Beny Steinmetz, the billionaire natural-resources investor who is Israel’s richest person, was raided by Swiss police, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The raid was ordered by Geneva’s public prosecutor following a request by the government of Guinea and occurred within the last two weeks, said the person, who was briefed on the matter and asked not to be identified as the investigation is confidential. No documents were taken away, the person said.

Steinmetz, who has a net worth of $7.4 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, offered to collaborate with Swiss Authorities and is co-operating fully, his lawyer Marc Bonnant said in an e-mailed statement. Steinmetz is undeterred, according to Bonnant, who described the actions of Guinea as a “campaign of intimidation and malicious lies, which are an attempt to damage his impeccable reputation.”

BSG Resources Ltd., Steinmetz’s mining company, owns a 49 percent stake in a venture that controls half of the giant Simandou iron ore deposit in Guinea. The West African country is reviewing mining licenses including Simandou’s, once described as the largest untapped deposit of the steel-making raw material in the world. In April, a U.S. grand jury investigation began into claims that bribes were paid by BSG Resources for mining rights in Guinea.
Then in late September 2013, Israeli mercenaries are arrested in Guinea, suspected of plotting to overthrow the same government that had moved against 'Beny.' Guess it helps to have Israeli President Peres in your corner when the cops are closing in. Just send in some Israeli thugs to bust up the nation and get rid of those pesky arrest warrants.

Yes, just a coincidence that always seems to pop up whenever some Israeli or American Jew is caught with his fingers in the cookie jar.
Four Israelis arrested in Guinea, suspected of plotting coup

Four Israeli mercenaries were arrested in Guinea last week on charges of planning a coup and inciting violent riots, reported the French newspaper Le Canard enchaîné.

Guinea voted on Saturday in a parliamentary election touted as the completion of its transition to democracy after a 2008 military coup and the end to decades of political instability.

The elections were held in an atmosphere of tension amid the political violence that has killed dozens in the run-up to voting, and the publication of two French and American intelligence documents, which claim that French, South African and Israeli mercenaries planned a coup in the African country.

The French document discussed "acts that were being done in order to destabilize the country, acts that could endanger the regime." According to the document, "those acts were intended to encourage the Guinean police and army to use force against innocent citizens."

Meanwhile, The Israeli billionaire Beny Steinmetz has threatened to sue Le Canard enchaîné after it published a story claiming Steinmetz was also involved in the plan to oust the Guinean president.

According to Le Canard, Steinmetz allegedly tried to set up a plot to destabilize and overthrow the government in Guinea amid financial row over the country's largest undeveloped iron ore deposit in the world.

What's a Jew to do when caught in a massive bribery scandal? Why sue, of course. Even sue a non-profit.

'Beny' even has his own Wikipedia page!

See Israeli slime up close!

Perhaps Beny screwed up when he tried to fuck over the Rothschild owned Rio Tinto mining group, that was bidding on the Guinea mine? Like any good Jew con artist, Beny has citizenship in several nations, which helps a quick getaway when one is evading the law.

Beny hired former FBI head Louis Freeh and our old friend, Alan Dirtbagowitz for his defense.

Beny made his initial fortune the old-fashioned way, he inherited his father's diamond buying smuggling business.

Beny won't be giving as much money to ZOF terrorist groups, since Guinea has moved to strip his Simandou iron ore deposit holdings. Beny is looking at hard time, but he'll probably make 'aliyah' to Israel and hide out with his fellow thieves, pedophiles and murderers escaping justice by living in 'Stolenland.'

UPDATE: Beny is in Israel, living in Netanya, Israel with his middle finger held high to all DA's and police officers!

Israel is a 'pedophiles paradise.'

Guinea has significant gold and diamond deposits, so they better keep a sharp eye out for more of Beny's ilk.

"Global Witness" has more on this nest of snakes.


More Jew Con Artists Circling Africa, Like so Many Buzzards

And Even More Jew Gangsters and Con Artists Feasting off Africa's Corpse

Future US president Hillary Clinton loves her blood diamonds!

Thanks to 'andie' for this tip!

P.S. Yes, this blog is a bit long, but once one starts digging up dirt on Jew criminals, there's no end to the places it leads, and the corruption that follows.


  1. Greg,

    Thanks for looking into this. They're all over Africa, and it's hardly ever in the news.

    On another note, Betty N. defends Hitler?

  2. If you want to know more about the sadistic tortures and the torturers on the German's up for trial post WWII, the book "The Hoax of the 20th Century" by Arthur Butz is a must read.


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