Thursday, October 8, 2015

UPDATE: Israeli Jew Terrorists Infiltrate Palestinian Protest

The previous pic was removed, due to comments by an astute 'andie' that the Bible quotes weren't authentic. I apologize for my ignorance, and my only excuse is that in my zeal to neuter the Zionist Jew criminals destroying Palestine and much of the world, I got carried away with the symbolism.

Now, back to the fight, as my next post shows!

Looks like the Zionist terror tactic 'price tag' scenario that crazed Jew settlers enact on the indigenous Palestinians in the West Bank. Only this is a sadistic revenge for Russia upsetting Israel carving out chunks of Syria and Iraq, using the USA and Saudi backed ISIL terrorists.
Since that butchery is on hold, the Jew will now lash out against their favorite target, the Palestinians.

Watching the video of the psycho Jew terrorists dressed up as Palestinians, it looks like there were about as many of the crazed Jew terrorists as there were Palestinians.

Video: Israel plants armed “stone throwers” among Palestinian protestors

A Reuters correspondent observed Israeli undercover agents disguised as Palestinian youths inciting violence. He’s backed up by video evidence. One video shows an Israeli undercover agent apparently firing a pistol into the leg of a Palestinian at point blank range.

Luke Baker tweeted: “Footage in Ramallah shows undercover #Israeli police throwing stones at Israeli forces and inciting #Palestinian youth to do the same.”

Video of the incident was caught by AFP and other videographers. the “Palestinian stonethrowers” suddenly pull out guns and turn on the other Palestinians, revealing themselves as Israeli agents.

This is part of the world's 'most moral army' doing what it does best; shooting teenagers, to give them a break from shooting pregnant women in the stomach.
[Jew] Commander admits: Undercover Israeli officers threw stones at soldiers in Bil'in

Seven years after the incident took place, an officer in the elite ‘Metzada’ unit of the Israel Prison Service admits that his subordinates threw stones at soldiers in Bil’in – as part of their mission.

At the time, almost nobody believed what the activists had said. The village of Bil’in was organizing one of its first mass demonstrations against the fence built on its lands, in the very early days of the local popular struggle. Organizers made a special point of making sure that no stones would be thrown at the soldiers at any point of this specific demonstration, in April 2005, even if the soldiers were to attack first – which was and to this day still is the trigger to attacks against them.

However, as the demonstration progressed towards the construction site of the fence, several young men of Arab appearance, unknown to organizers and thought to have come from neighboring villages, started throwing stones, giving the soldiers the queue cue they needed to disperse the demonstration with tear gas and make arrests. According to several witnesses, leaders in the popular struggle approached the young men and asked them to stop throwing stones – at which point the strangers pulled out concealed guns and handcuffs and arrested the people who asked them to stop. It would later be made known that these were combatants in the IPS elite anti-riot unit Metzada (“Masada”), lent to the army to infiltrate demonstrations and make them violent. And yet – most Israelis would not believe this story.


  1. They disguise themselves as Arabs when they do their dirty work since the beginning of the European Zionist invasion. In the early days and I'm sure it hasn't changed, the Zionists used what they call "whisperers" to spread rumors among the Arabs to get shit started. They are not above anything demented and morally horrific... which sets them apart from the most other humans. Not just Jews but anyone connected to Zionism. I believe, sincerely, that they are all devils.

  2. Matthew 18:6 has to do with punishment for the perpetrators of harm to children, not the children themselves.

    Matthew 19 has to do with becoming an individual, not influenced in your thinking by family members, has not a thing to do with abandoning children.

    This was obviously put together by some ignoramus.

    When Jesus said I do not bring peace, but a sword, it simply means division, not warmongering, in the sense that his teachings and therefore the new testament were about as far from Judaism as one could get. The Lamsa bible (Aramaic) is probably the best source for quotes that haven't been subject to gross misinterpretation.

  3. Indeed, Andie. I believe Jesus (pbuh) was pretty clear, I can't excuse these Christian Zionists for not knowing. I think that when Jesus (pbuh) said their father was the devil that perhaps Idris (which is Satan's name in Islam) physically mingled(s) and fathered(s) his own. No religion says this, per say. But I wonder.


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