Saturday, October 10, 2015

Outing Jew Inc and Their Thieving Ways

In the first 12 minutes of this video, Max Keiser exposes the Jew manipulations they use when stealing immense amounts of wealth.

Calling for DOJ intervention--after the statue of limitations has expired--of the Jew Inc gangsters that looted Main Street and much of the world leading up to the 2008 market crash and subsequent world-wide economic recession, former FED head Ben 'Shalom' Bernanke uses age-old Jew tricks to cover up his participation in the thieving.

So what is it Shalom (Bernanke's real middle name) were you totally incompetent back then and didn't see the looting going on right under your nose or did you gleefully participate in the massive swindles?

The FED head before Bernanke was another Jew, Alan Greenspan who helped Wall Street loot the economy by agreeing to kill off the Glass-Steagall Act that prevented investment gambling banks and commercial banks from combining, leading to all sorts of speculative adventures, using the public's money.
The FED head replacing Bernanke is another Jew, Janet Yellen.

Yellen's deputy is Stanley Fischer, a dual Israel-American citizen who was formerly the president of the Bank of Israel. Yes, I'm sure Stanley has the interests of Americans at heart, as in how to pry some more loot out of our hides.

Jew Inc hated Glass-Steagall and lobbied intensely for decades to gut or kill the act, a fantasy that came true in 1999, courtesy of Bill Clinton and his Treasury Secretary, Robert Rubin, another Jew. They were aided by Sandy Weill, another Jew who helped form Citigroup, who got tons of free money after crashing the economy in 2007. (After getting the act passed into law, Rubin resigned from the Treasury, went to Citigroup and made over 100 million.)

Gosh, are we so lucky to have so many kindly Jews watching out for our money! Or is that anti-Semitic? If you don't want to hear anti-Semitism, then stop your goddamn thieving, lying, corrupting ways.

On the positive side there's plenty of hemp rope and an abundance of available utility poles!


  1. There have been a total of 15 Fed chairpersons. At least six of them have been Jews, which would make for 40 percent. The very first chairman, Charles Hamlin, was Jewish. As you aptly point out, the current chair is Jewish, as also were the previous two, as well as the current vice chair. It's pretty much a Jewish institution.

  2. Yes, it is and that has been shown conclusively to not be a good deal for the USA.
    But we can't talk about that, why that would be anti-Semitic.

    But watching that smug Bernanke gab about his new book and how he fought the good fight for Americans will Fed Head almost made me sick.

  3. Liberals read books and republicans don't read
    God, what a scam. Isn't everyone sick of these scheming Jews yet?

  4. Americans never tire of the ones who lie them into wars, at the same time, loot trillions of dollars of wealth from their pockets while they keep filling them full of hate to the enemies of Israel, so we'll be blind to our nation's infrastructure falling apart.

  5. I don't listen to Max all that much. BUT thanks for this one Greg. He NAILS it at 11:00 or so when he speaks of the influence of America breaking down and the resistance of our fine anti JWO nations being of a SPIRITUAL nature (as I interpret it.)

    We have been saying over at TUT for some time that this was the essential danger represented by Iran. It is not any nuclear threat. It is that Iran INSPIRES other nations only they happen to be elsewhere than the ME at this time.

    Evo Morales is a man you and I have appreciated for years. It is wonderful to see the blossoming of his work after a decade. And now... back to the video.

    The SPIRITUAL RESISTANCE is a very real and valid one. But, keep your body armour on nonetheless.


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