Saturday, October 31, 2015

Passenger Jets Don't Fall Out of the Sky Like a Rock..Welcome to World War III

The Airbus 321 has a good safety record, one that precludes dropping like a rock out of the sky. And that's what one flight expert said on "RT" in an interview this morning.

Even with both engines out, the A 321 could glide to a fairly safe landing, not fall apart in the sky and crash.

Falling from the sky within miles of the US military base in the Sinai housing "Task Force Sinai," charged with helping keep the peace between Egypt and the nutso's of 'Stolenland,' since 1982.

ISIS--Israeli State in Syria--claims it shot down the Russian jet. If that is true, it means the USA, thru its control of the various IS/Daesh terrorists, is responsible for this massacre.

So when the same beings of pure hatred and insanity shot down an American fighter jet soon in Syria, Jew Inc's media will claim it was revenge for the downing of the Russian passenger jet.

When you consider that the same SOB's were behind the 9/11 False Flag and were jumping with joy at the destruction of Syria, until the Russian Air Force stepped in and changed the dynamic. Now they have produced a horrible incident that will make Russians clamor for Putin to halt helping Syria fight US and Israeli terrorists.

UPDATE: Here's what got 'wiped off the face of the Earth,' by the Jew MSM. The part about there being survivors was in the original Yahoo story, but got wiped.

Fortunately, Press TV still has that:
Despite that assertion, an officer with the Egyptian search and rescue team present at the site has said he heard voices in a section of the Russian plane’s wreckage. He has been quoted as saying that some passengers may still be alive.
This story also says the jet fell vertically. That doesn't happen with engine failure.

This has all the hallmarks of an attack by a chicken-shit nation like Israel, which likes to shot pregnant women in the belly and bomb children, then strut around like bad-asses, and the USA, whose military is filled with hateful Bible Thumpers wanting desperately to set off WW III so they can ascend to Heaven on a stairway built out of billions of radioactive corpses.


  1. As you may recall, that resort had an attack in 2005.

    And our Mossad friends are not beyond doing some weird shit

    When I went to Egypt in 1992, I was told that plainclothes police were thick on the ground at the time because they were anticipating an attack on tourists.

    Shortly after I left, I read that tourists on Nile tour boats were being shot at by snipers.

    So what happened in Luxor in 1997

    or Sharm el Sheikh in 2005? Did all the plainclothes cops go missing?

  2. I'm wondering what Russia 'tourists' were doing anywhere close to Syria?

    There's no way in hell I'd get anywhere close to Syria, if I was Russian.

    Was this some sort of Russian government meeting, attendance required by Putin?

    Bottom line, regardless of what Putin's doing in Syria, I don't trust him, he's got too much Jew in his DNA.

  3. @ Greg Bacon: Russians are restricted by visa requirements to go to many countries. Egypt is not one of them. I recently spent time in Hurghada, to be one of only a handful of non-Russians there. The local workers all speak very good Russian. So, cheap package holidays, and a desperate Egyptian tourism industry is a good combination, under most circumstances.


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