Monday, October 26, 2015

The Honeymoon is Over: New Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has Israel's back

Jesus Fucking Christ, is there no leader in the Western world that is not an Israeli whore?

Justine, this is what you're backing. Murder, terrorism, false flags, thieving, corruption, racism, liars and bigots. Yes Justine, you should be proud.


  1. I would think P.E.T. senior set the mold for Justine as you may quess from such prescient naming of junior. I think we have about the same amount of egg on our face as the electors of G.W. B.. Economic mayhem was P.E. T.'s specialty and he did not blink at the implementation of the 'War Measures Act" with the requisite roundups. Still, all in all, much preferable to S. Harper.

  2. Now...Can anyone guess what does Obama & J Trudeau have in common ??

  3. Racist and proud

  4. Sure, rub it in :-). As if we don't know. Justin, using his dad's footsteps, will see to it that Eastern Canada thrives and Western Canada pays for it. I have not forgotten the National Energy Program from the early eighties.

    Now, that they all admit openly to being Israel's bitch, why don't we crown Mileikowsky to be ruler over North America. Cuts down on the length of the game, don't you think?

  5. MN, yes, North America should just go ahead and crown that fuck Nuttyahoo and let him be officially the head of the Zionist enterprise here.


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