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What Happens When You Make a FOIA Request About Israeli Spying on the USA

“The naked truth is that even before its inception and even more so since independence in 1948, Israel time and time again violated US laws, spied on US soil, stole its secrets, and violated its sovereignty… In rare cases, some of the Israeli operations were exposed by the FBI and US Customs. Israelis were expelled, equipment confiscated, complaints filed but they usually managed to get away unpunished. This happened even with the two most daring and outstanding operations targeting the US nuclear sector. In the first case in the ’60s, according to US documents, a joint Lekem-Mossad team led by master spy Rafi Eitan stole enriched uranium from a depot of the NUMEC company in Apollo, Pennsylvania, which was handling nuclear waste for the US Atomic Energy Commission. NUMEC’s owner was Zalman Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew who later would be on the board of governors of the Israeli Intelligence Heritage Center.”
Veteran intelligence reporter Yossi Melman in a Jerusalem Post article

If you make a request about Israeli spying on the USA, many times, this is what happens, you get a reply, but it's been blanked out, due to 'security' reasons.
FOIPA Request No.: 1150018-3


(FILE NUMBER 105-HQ-13545)

Dear Mr Smith:

The enclosed documents were reviewed under the Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts (FOIPA), Title 5, United States Code, Section 552/552a. Deletions have been made to protect information which is exempt from
disclosure, with the appropriate exemptions noted on the page next to the excision. In addition, a deleted page information sheet was inserted in the file to indicate where pages were withheld entirely. The exemptions used to
withhold information are marked below and explained on the enclosed Explanation of Exemptions:
Unfortunately, most of the pages in the PDF reply look like the one below. And there are at least 50 pages completely blanked out, for 'security' reasons, of course, you anti-Semitic nitwit.

Is_spyingonUS photo FBIsrael_FOIARequest_zpsfnrxkezs.png

This came from a request on Henry Morgenthau Jr's Israel policy.
Henry Morgenthau Jr's Israel policy is the stuff of legend in accounts about the birth of Israel. Some researchers claim that FDR's former Treasury Secretary was present at the original 1945 meeting of American Zionists with Jewish Agency executive director David Ben-Gurion to set up the massive Haganah smuggling network to steal, illegally buy and smuggle surplus WWII arms from the U.S. to Jewish fighters in Palestine. (report PDF) This was the first major broadly organized Israel lobby challenge to U.S. sovereignty. It successfully overrode American policy enshrined in neutrality and arms export laws. Others claim Morgenthau was also instrumental in the illicit financing Israel's clandestine nuclear weapons program in direct opposition to policy set by American presidents.

The FBI's dusty 10,000 page file on Morgenthau, numbered 105-HQ-188123 (the 105 code signifies "foreign counterintelligence") including intercepts to Morgenthau from Israel, could finally clear up many of these allegations, especially when compared to current research. Although the FBI—after a process that began in 2010—in September 2013 claims it has fully declassified the Morgenthau file, censors have blanked out nearly every page with a paint-roller of black ink.  How do high officials with strong ties to Israel and its lobby who are politically appointed to the U.S. Treasury Department flout U.S. laws with their own foreign-coordinated foreign policy movements? The FBI and Justice Department do not believe Americans are quite yet ready to know.
Traitors in our Government Allegiance to Israel
Ten Explosive U.S. Government Secrets about Israel

"Information Clearing House - In 1968 Director of Central Intelligence Richard Helms wrote urgently to Attorney General Ramsey Clark and President Lyndon B. Johnson that some highly enriched uranium fueling Israel's Dimona nuclear reactor was stolen from America. LBJ reportedly uttered, "Don't tell anyone else, even [Secretary of State] Dean Rusk and [Defense Secretary] Robert McNamara." The FBI immediately launched a deep investigation into the inexplicably heavy losses at the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation NUMEC in Pennsylvania and the highly suspicious activities and Israeli connections of the Americans running it. The CIA was tasked to find out what was going on in Israel, and compiled thousands of documents about the incident. (PDF) Although CIA officials in a position to know unofficially went on record claiming a diversion had occurred, for decades the CIA has thwarted declassification and release of the LBJ memos. On October 18, 2013 the only appeals panel with the power to overrule the CIA—the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel ISCAP—sent notification that Americans are not yet ready to know the contents of the memos (ISCAP decision PDF). This denial of public release of decades-old secrets concerning U.S.-Israel relations is far from unique. Although the Obama administration promised unprecedented transparency, it has emasculated the public's ability to give informed consent on a wide range of key foreign policy issues. A review of ten particularly toxic U.S. secrets about Israel suggests stakeholders should start assuming the worst but most logical explanation.
Flooding from Hurricane Sandy 'disappeared' files about Israeli Spy Avraham Hermoni, who assisted Israeli spies and American traitors in getting nuclear weapons material to Israel.

US Charity Secretly Funds Israeli Nukes

Better stop here, as there is no shortage of info about our 'friend and ally,' Israel, spying on the USA non-stop, many times in cahoots with American traitors.

One for the Road

From the brazen Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, during which 34 Americans were brutally murdered and another 141 wounded by our 'friend and ally,' Israel, to the sneaky October 2000 attack on the USS Cole, just in time to help the traitorous Bush-Cheney Junta steal the WH, so they'd be in place when the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag was set off, there's never a shortage of American traitors that are more than willing to stab Americans in the back for Israel.

The list is only a start on the number of US traitors who are also citizens of Israel, where their true loyalty is. For instance, FED Head Janet Yellen (Jew) has Israeli citizen Stanley Fischer as her deputy.

Here's another
, if your stomach is strong enough to tolerate even more subversion of these Jew fifth columnists.


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