Sunday, November 29, 2015

"How Exceptional People--Americans--Behave While Shopping!"

Take a look at how 'exceptional' people, namely Americans, act like while shopping for baubles and bling at the local 'China Mart' warehouse.

The world is probably green with envy that they aren't like these exceptional Americans, more the norm than the exception.

This is the way American Christians act like when buying gifts to be given on the day they celebrate the birth of their Lord Jesus!

Yes, America is definitely putting it's best face forward and showing the world what we're really like by fighting over boxes of bling that make junkies fighting over drugs look tame

Think this one is my favorite, when the grown lady mugs a little girl and steals the item from her hands

I've been around cattle slaughterhouses and at some point, the cows figure out what is going to happen and start bleating out of fear. But even those soon to be dispatched cows showed more dignity.


  1. I had a great, lazy day Friday. As is my practice, I did not spend a penny for anything on that day.

    Who would want to actually go rub against all those clowns over a few bucks?

  2. Set off a couple of firecrackers inside one of these cattle barns and watch the stampede.

  3. Saw a video of this type of thing happening in the UK - it's all over the place.

  4. Are you surprised that the Amish are referring to American people as "goyim" (cattle)??
    After watching the video, my conclusion.The name fits perfectly .....

  5. The Kabbalistic magic spell handed down by tribers from centuries past....

    "SHIT IS ON SALE!!!"

  6. I call them po' people. I can't think of any other reason..

  7. Years ago a friend of mine, a Walmart employee, told me of laptops for sale at $75. There were only 25 of them. I went the next morning at 4:00 AM and driving slowly through the empty parking lot. Then along comes a car at high speed with it's horn honking. Inside is a large black woman and I can see her bulging eyes with a look of madness. I was about 100 feet away and was no threat or in a collision place whatsoever.

    As I got closer I saw the lines wrapped around the entire complex.

    I heard about the Black Friday deals but wanted to see the madness for myself.

    This insanity is not limited to Black Friday only. I live in Stockton California. On my way to Long John Silvers for fish and chips, there was a huge crowd there and the main street called Pacific Avenue, was stopped like an L.A. traffic jam. The reason for the jam and large crowd was the Free food Long John Silvers was giving away. The majority of the mob were blacks.

    The car in front of us backed up and almost hit us because the black woman driver did not even look back to reverse to let out a car load of free loaders.

    People have no shame of taking things for free. I once turned down a large tip from a generous customer when I worked as a slot floor man in Vegas.

    Claiming a tip for something I never did or earn was dishonest and shameful.

    My dignity is not for sale.

  8. It seems like the last one is staged. I mean, who gets crazy about vegetable steamers?


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