Wednesday, November 11, 2015

MU Professor Shows Her Fascist Leanings

Such is the state of American campuses today, rioting over perceived racism and oppression, but they can't seem to pinpoint what the racism or oppression is, they just know it's happening. Keep raising Hell about something you created and keep dividing the nation so Jew Inc can finish off what they've started, the complete and utter wrecking of the USA.
If they were really educated, they'd know that the real problem is central banks controlling our economy, the press and politicians, sending our kids off to fight 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.' But protest that and see how much press coverage you get.
What you will get is a police baton up side of your head.

This is priceless. A black man taking away the right to free speech and the press from an Asian man, based on the black man shouting that his race is being oppressed.

What does 'Professor' Click research on for her 'teaching'?
"Current research projects involve 50 Shades of Grey readers, the impact of social media in fans’ relationship with Lady Gaga, masculinity and male fans, messages about class and food in reality television programming, and messages about work in children's television programs."
She also delves deeply into the 'Twilight' movie franchise!
Click, M. A., Aubrey, J. S., and Behm-Morawitz, E. (Eds.). (2010). Bitten by Twilight: Youth culture, media, and the vampire franchise. New York: Peter Lang.

Behm-Morawitz, E., Click, M. A., and Aubrey, J. S. (2010). “Relating to Twilight: Fans' Responses to Love and Romance in the Vampire Franchise.” In M. A. Click, J. S. Aubrey & E. Behm- Morawitz (Eds). Bitten by Twilight: Youth culture, media, and the vampire franchise. New York: Peter Lang.

Aubrey, J. S., Walus, S., and Click, M. A. (2010). “Twilight and the Production of the 21 st Century Teen Idol.” In M. A. Click, J. S. Aubrey & E. Behm-Morawitz (Eds). Bitten by Twilight: Youth culture, media, and vampire franchise. New York: Peter Lang.

Aubrey, J. S ., Behm-Morawitz, E ., & Click, M. A. (2010). The romanticization of abstinence: Fan response to sexual restraint in the Twilight series. Transformative Works and Cultures, 5. doi:10.3983/twc.2010.0216
Mommy and Daddy, are you paying attention to what your kid is learning in Columbia, MO?

I first attended MU as a freshman in 1974. Back then, getting an 'A' was a bear. There was a lot of studying, reading, participating in class and attending all classes. Went back again in 1995 and getting an 'A' was a joke. If you just showed up for all classes, feigned an interest and talked to the professor at least once, you would get a 'B'.

Can't imagine how much that 1974 standard has fallen. Just show up for class, riot now and then to get an 'A'? No wonder graduates are bitching about not being able to get a decent enough job to pay off their loans. They're not getting their money's worth for the degree.

New Video Shows Melissa Click Is an Even Bigger Idiot Than We Thought


  1. Greg, try my site again and let me know if it's any faster. Speed test reads it is faster. And as always, thanks for the feedback!


  2. You should listen to their tag-team zio-shills at KMBZ (Kahzars Must Be Zionists)....they just love yukking it up while fomenting trouble non-stop.

  3. Looks like a protest in support of fascism. It seems strange that with this many people gathered for a protest, and with all the shouting and shoving going on, that not a single police officer shows up in the video.

  4. Yupp Click is a jewish bull dyke !


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