Friday, December 11, 2015

1939 Germany, When it was Free and Now, Under Occupation

First a pic of Germany's Brandenburg Gate from around 1939. Back when Germany was a strong, virile, moralistic nation with a thriving economy. Germany back then was one of the most advanced technological nations on Earth, with an economy that offered good paying jobs with benefits for Germans.
This was only possible because Herr Hitler had kicked out the international banksters and had corralled and neutered the malignant parasite that had been sucking Germany dry of wealth, ethics and morals.

BrandenburgGate photo BBGate_1939_zpsrzxdm8ux.jpg

Now a picture of Germany today, with a symbol of occupation now in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Yes, Germany's economy is doing good, but it is under attack from within from that same group of parasites that had nearly wrecked her in the 1920's and early 1930's.
Germany's economy needs to do well to pay off the never-ending Holocaust™ extortions to that nation of land thieves and mass-murderers now turning the ME into a Hell hole, all to make easy the land thefts of Jew Inc.

It's no surprise that the menorah pays tribute to light, since Jew Inc's master is the Lord of Light. And one also occupies the White House lawn.

BBGate_2015 photo BBGate_J_zpscbn5p495.jpg

With the influx of nearly one million refugees into Germany, fleeing the never-ending 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' where they will be used as patsies for a variety of False Flags, to keep the Christian world at war against the Muslims, while Jew Inc sits on the sidelines, laughing their asses off at our gullibility.


  1. Although there is bound to be some violent element let in with mass immigration, my personal experience showed me that not all muslims are crazy, head ripping terrorists.

    On the other hand, I can't seem to find but one or two decent Jews.

    Go figure.

  2. "not all muslims are crazy, head ripping terrorists."

    just the ones created by the judaized amurderka

  3. Bullies never seem to learn that sooner or later, the much smaller person the bull had been picking on, slapping the kid around for laughs, finally grew a pair and returned the slap.

    As long as we keep waging war against inhabitants of the ME and NA, then we should expect retaliation.

    Or does that not happen to 'exceptional people?'

    But these shootings, like SB, are just Jew Inc False Flags.

  4. That second image made me ill.

    That filthy skinny inbred bearded rabbinical creature looking down upon the slaves....

    Daley Plaza Chicago.... no Christian displays allowed in public areas. But that atrocity is erected every year at the right time....

    Who rules Chicago?


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