Monday, December 14, 2015

A Look at President Hillary Clinton's Reign in 2018

This little bit of satire was inspired by a similar piece in, called, "Allahu Akbar! - The View from 2018."

What to look forward to in 2018:

The National Security Council was still trying to figure out why so many refugees were still fleeing the ME and North Africa, with some even coming from Gaza, those that make it past the Israeli Navy patrolling the shore and shooting up boats filled with people trying to escape the two-month long Israeli bombardment of that city. President Hillary Clinton refused to get involved, saying "Israel had not only the right, but a duty to defend itself" and that she would personally deliver the massive increase in aid bill for Israel to the Congress, where it is expected to pass with overwhelming support.

Besides the refugees fleeing the already destroyed nations of Libya, Iraq and Syria, they were also fleeing in droves from Lebanon, since Israel had decided to 'clean up' southern Lebanon by bombing Beirut to rubble and invading southern Lebanon up past the River Litani, establishing a security zone Israel said was necessary for their peace of mind.

Although Israel denied they planned on staying, several hundred Hasidic Jew settlers had moved into southern Lebanon and were being protected by a large contingent of US Marines that President Clinton had sent in to help keep the peace. Israel also demanded that the UN send in more peacekeepers to the Sinai, to help contain the terrorists that had launched attacks with rockets against southern Israel, forcing Israel to send in some troops to secure the area, but these troops are only there on a temporary basis, PM Netanyahu assured the world.

Also, the US Army was further strengthening it's role in the Golan Heights, to protect the homeland from those wishing to do the US harm.
The current number of troops will be increased to 75,000, but only on a temporary basis with many being used to protect Israel's oil field drilling platforms in that area.
At this time, President Clinton denied again the story that the USA had airlifted, setup and was running a large field hospital in eastern Iraq that was providing care for ISIS militants that were launching attacks on Iran from their Iraqi staging area.

No word yet on whether or not President Clinton, who's visiting Israel this week to talk to PM Netenyahu, will send more US troops to Libya, which has been wracked by internal conflicts since the USA and NATO destroyed that nation to "help protect the world from madmen armed with WMD's, who want to kill us because Americans are so exceptional," said the president.

President Clinton said she had formed a task force to look into ways to reduce the nation's debt to the banks, now at 25 trillion. Clinton said nothing was off the table, including the sale of national parks to reduce the debt.

In other budget news, the 20% cut to Social Security recipients was finalized, with the president waiting for the right time to sign the bill into law. And the discovery of more missing money from the Pentagon, rumored to be around 4 trillion dollars, will be investigated with all the vigor we can summon, said FBI head Rahm Emanuel.

And New York State Attorney General Charles Schumer said the investigation into the latest massive case of Wall Street fraud would continue, regardless of where it leads.


  1. Should the exceptional people be able to finally wake up the so call silent majority maybe the above would be daily headlines in the media and confirmed schedule in the courts.

  2. I'm not laughing... I see this as a future reality !

  3. I'm not laughing... I see this as a future reality !


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