Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Thousands of poor Syrians tormented by years of "moderate rebel" rule, pour out to greet and cheer for the SAA who is parading through Homs after finaly liberating it, with the help of Russian air support.

I heard about this on dec. 9 from news site pronews.gr and did not believe it. Got the vid on the 11th and confirmation of the liberation, so I posted it. Yes it is accurate as far as I can tell.

You will not hear about it, because all of the media is owned by the same group of jews and national traitors that control the banks and governments = ZOG. Zionist Occupied Governments (USA and ALL of her allies). Syria and Assad is their enemy, so you will never hear anything that you should. This is only one of thousands of examples of info that you should know, that will never be broadcast to you

Good for Syria and its brave and resolute people. The only things Americans fight for now days is cheap trinkets at Wal Mart, fighting the other customers who want the same pile of shiny junk.

Here's how part of Homs looks like after years of Zionist poodles, the USA, England and France, bombing that nation to smithereens to please their Jew Overlords who want to steal Syria for the Zionists ongoing ME land theft project.

Homs_Syria_12.15 photo Syria_homs_zpshfykg5z4.jpg

But at least for now, the Syrians in Homs can breathe a little easier, until the SOB's who are behind this madness figure out another way to attack Syria so Israel can have their land, oil and resources.

POS Slime Bag HRM Hillary tells Jews she would love for Israel to sodomize both her ass and mouth!

More than 500 jihadists cared for at the Israel's Ziv Medical Centre


  1. Aw, c'mon Greg. You just need another dose of Kosher MineDControl...get tickets cheaper over at HOLOJOKE Museum....



  2. POS Slime Bag HRM Hillary tells Jews she would love for Israel to sodomize both her ass and mouth!
    She'll love it ! Of course !

  3. A politician with a soul is an oxymoron. I quote that from the comments off Mandoweiss...
    do we have to have politicians?


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