Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Excellent Summation of the Jew Inc Problem(s) the USA Faces

The comment below was left at "After San Bernardino: Hatefacts and Stupidfacts: We Let Muslim Immigration Increase AND Let Pakistan Get The Bomb" Bullshit story at

I won't go into the particulars of the BS, you've heard it many times before in many different ways, anytime Jew Inc sets off another False Flag special that the Jew MSM blames on the Muslims.
Some Americans are waking up and realizing the real problem is the Zionist and Jew Occupation of our nation, while others lash out at minorities, playing right into the Jew's plan for world domination.

But lot of the comments left at the Bullshit story realize the so-called 'truth' we've been getting screwed into our brains isn't what the Jew MSM says it is, like this comment by a Mark Green, whose web site states that the relationship between Occupied America and Israel is an orchestrated fraud.
Unimpressive analysis. Derb, apparently, has his own ‘sacred objects’. Therefore, he keeps his analysis shallow.

Let’s agree that we needn’t import any more low-IQ workers from the Third World. But ‘Christian’ workers from Mexico are more likely to be involved in gangs or to commit murder in the US than the relatively small number of Muslims from Central Asia and the Middle East. So let’s get over this Zionist-engineered clash between Muslims and Christians in America. It’s statistical false (and therefore a ‘red herring’) to imply that Muslims are a greater threat to (white) Americans than the usual perpetrators. In fact, Arab-Americans are relatively law-abiding. They are underrepresented in US prisons. Moreover, this latest mass shooting in Calif may have been born from interpersonal hatreds at work, not theological differences or any ‘Muslim’ plot. But Big Media and Big Government are hyping the ‘terror’ angle for political purposes. This needless hysteria helps Israel.

Let’s remember that religious faith and religious identity are fluid. Most of the world’s ‘Muslims’ are not fundamentalist. This is the 21st century. Science has affected everyone. The world is not flat. Creationism has been discredited by geology and genetics. And the concept of natural selection has given the world an explanation for mankind that does not require miracles or divine intervention. Even fundamentalist Christians, Jews and Muslims understand this.

As for ‘militant Islam’, the Arab nations that Washington’s most-recently targeted (Iraq, Libya, Syria) were all secular. Strange, no? But even if they were fundamentalist entities (like our ‘allies’, Kuwiat or Saudi Arabia) Zio-Washington’s preemptive destruction of these societies was horrific and, under international law, illegal. Therefore, it is Zio-Washington’s state-initiated violence that should be central to your analysis. Why is it being ignored?

Indeed, human outrage and revenge are an enormous part of what motivates many of these now-dislocated Muslims. It’s worth noting that Big Media stresses the religious angle in this picture while it studiously ignores connecting the dots of terrorism to Zio-Washington’s decade-long war on Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Lebanon and Syria. Who’s fooling whom?

It was secular, democratic Zio-Washington that preemptively invaded and waged wars. Meanwhile, democratic Israel subjugates Palestine and invades neighboring Syria and Lebanon at will.

Might this not be a big reason why ‘Muslims’ hate us, Derb? In that case, theology is just a footnote.

Indeed, even before 911, Zio-Washington was deeply involved in protected certain Mideast clients while harming others. Biased policies undermine the rule of law. Islam is not relevant.

It’s worth noting that Jesus is revered as a prophet in Islam. Jewish religious orthodoxy, on the other hand, reviles Jesus and sees Gentiles as inferior to Jews. America’s ‘Judeo-Christian tradition’ is pretty much a kosher myth.

As for ‘Islamic terror’ and political violence, let’s count the bodies:

In Iraq alone, Zio-Washington slaughtered upwards of one million people since 2003. Millions of other Iraqis have pushed into exile and made destitute.

Iraq was once a stable and relatively prosperous nation, as was Libya. No more. Any opinion?

If you were born in Iraq or Libya, wouldn’t Zio-Washington’s destruction of your country piss you off just a bit?

In a normal world, the architects of this bloody, pro-democracy Jihad would be hanged. Instead, they’re riding around in limos and receiving media accolades.

Ironically, in the ashes of secular Iraq and Libya, fundamentalist ISIS has emerged. There’s even evidence that ISIS has been cooperating with, and getting aid from, US allies such as Turkey and Israel. Odd, that.

Might increased chaos in the Arab world be Washington’s actual objective? It’s possible.

The destruction of large, rising Arab states assures Israel’s ‘security’ (and regional hegemony) going forward.

With that in mind, the case can be made that the civilized world’s biggest problem is not puny Muslim terror incidents, but wholesale, high-tech, state-sponsored, Judeo-Christian terror emanating from Big Washington and another democratic country I needn’t name.
What I want for Christmas is for a general awakening of Americans so they'll understand that it's Israel and her Jew followers that are the greatest threat to the USA and the world.

Which the Jew MSM clouds over with endless propaganda broadcasts about non-existent Muslim 'boogiemen' that want to implement Sharia Law world-wide.

And they've found a fertile ground to sow their hate in the American mind, which is already fogged up with chemicals in our water, air and a nation of legal drug addicts.
Addicts also to sex and nudity, since we clamor for more obscenities and then wonder how did our 16 yo daughter get pregnant.

Addicted to sports, which many treat as a type of religion, worshiping the athlete's and spend endless hours memorizing sport stats, so we can regale our friends with mindless dribble that means nothing, but which helps to cement Jew Inc's hold over our nation.

Many Americans also worship Mammon, feeling inadequate if we don't have a large house in an upscale neighborhood or the latest 4WD monster size pickup or don't vacation in luxury in some high-priced resort.

Maybe that lump of coal in our stocking is actually a representation of what our blackened souls look like.


  1. Muslims were never a problem till the Neocons at PNAC decided that they needed a "new Pearl Harbor" and wouldn't you know it, a year later 911 happened and it was all masterminded by a Muslim in a cave in Afghanistan with a satellite phone and a laptop. And they knew it was him 45 seconds after the second plane hit!

    They hate us for our freedoms we were told. I guess they should like us better by now.

  2. Until Israel was spawned into existence, most Americans had no idea of what countries were in the ME, since the USA got along fine with nearly everyone there.

    Israel appears and all of a sudden, Americans are told about the Muslim problem we face and that we must do something.

    Fast forward to 1989, the USSR collapses and suddenly, the nation gets giddy, talking about a 'peace dividend,' money that can now be spent on infrastructure, education, health, etc instead of the Pentagon.
    Not so fast, Bubba. Now we have the new Hitler, Saddam that must be contained and even rolled back, goodbye peace dividend, hello endless wars for Wall Street and Israel.

  3. Great article, Greg.
    I also happened to read several comments on B'Man's revolt and must commend you on the exchange you had with a man who sadly can only be described as a knuckle dragger.
    I salute and admire your resolute stance on ALL the issues you tackle. A secret -- not to be taken as a reproach -- is that I would re-blog your articles on all the sites I could if it weren't for the... let me call it "Rabelaisian" richness of "French" you generously employ in your writing. I am not a prude and it doesn't bother me one bit, in fact, when humorous, I often enjoy it. But I know it would put off some of the audiences who could otherwise benefit from reading you. Now, did I make it clear enough that was not a criticism but merely a "critical" opinion? Merry Christmas and keep doing the great work you do.


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