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Exposing Jew Inc for What They Truly Are; Parasites, Devil Worshipers and Destroyers

"A world ruled over by the Jew and in which the White Race no longer exists will be a world of endless drudgery and brutal struggle for day-to-day survival for the non-Jewish masses."

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From the book, "They Live Among Us: The Descendants of Esau-Edom" by Wayne Frank Barbuto©

This book is not yet finished, but because of multiple requests I am offering what parts I have completed at a pre-publication price of $30 (digital PDF download only). There will be no additional cost for the balance of this book, which will be available, in steps, to early purchasers as I complete more of it.

I have completed the first 13 chapters and about that many more in random chapters, though not in the final order, some chapters requiring additional work. As I add chapters in order I will upgrade my link and notify my customers who have pre-paid.

This is a book about a people very few know enough about; a people who take their marching orders from the devil himself; a people who own and control virtually everything, and are hiding in plain sight by calling themselves Jews. Of course most are afraid to mention “Jews” in a negative way as they are supposedly the chosen and all; but they are not. Rather, they are a people God professed an everlasting hatred for.

There are good reasons they have attracted God’s wrath; they are outrageous liars and admitted devil worshipers, parasites, and destroyers.
They are also artists of deception. These Jews point the finger at Muslims and most people (it seems) respond like stupid dogs. The simple trick of stealing the name Israel for their stolen “homeland” thus implying they are Israelites has fooled most Christians, who are ignorant of who they themselves (the true Israelites), really are.

Most of those who claim to be Jews (a term rarely defined accurately), are so, not by any racial descent, but as the result of a forced religion conversion. These are Khazar’s, East Asian Huns, quite possibly infected by interbreeding with Edomites, descendants of Essau-Edom, who sold his birthright to his brother Jacob (who later became the Father of the twelve tribes of Israel).

I believe that it was Esau-Edom’s descendants, genetically disadvantaged because of Esau’s marriages with women of races God forbid His people to associate with, thereby excluding themselves from the chosen line, who went on to become the people we know today as “Jews.” Because of bitterness regarding Esau’s serious indiscretion in selling his birthright, his descendants are committed to do everything in their power to destroy God’s covenant people, the true House of Israel, many of whom have become followers of Jesus The Christ.

They consider us to be nothing more than “Goyim,” or farm animals, useful idiots, provided for their use and abuse, and most people would be amazed at the many ways they have learned to make a profit off of us. Poisoning us with vaccines and then robbing our insurance companies while “managing our diseases,” i.e., keeping us alive just long enough to get all our money, is just one example. Using our young men for cannon fodder in their endless wars-for-profit is another of their favorites.

A major purpose of this book is to provide convincing evidence that Jews are responsible for virtually everything that is wrong in the world today. All of the greatest problems in this world, such as most wars, the fall of the Roman Empire, the Bubonic Plague, the Spanish Inquisition, and hundreds more, can be traced to them. This isn’t so difficult to prove as you might imagine— they admit as much, and they are so arrogant they can’t resist the temptation to brag about their wicked acts.

This book might be called, “Demons Among Us,” as the people I am writing about truly set the standard for such a descriptive term as “demons.” All fictional examples I can think of pale in comparison.
If you feel a bit squeamish while reading this, that is understandable, since Jew Inc controls all aspects of America, at least the important ones needed to keep the USA under the Zionist boot heel. Including many people's thoughts.
“Fifteen years after the Bolshevist Revolution was launched to carry out the Marxist program, the editor of the American Hebrew could write: ‘According to such information that the writer could secure while in Russia a few weeks ago, not one Jewish synagogue has been torn down, as have hundreds–perhaps thousands of the Greek Catholic Churches. In Moscow and other large cities one can see Christian churches in the process of destruction as the Government needs the location for a large building.”

American historian Edwin Schoonmaker in his 1939 book, ‘Democracy and World Dominion’
"The Wars for Wall Street and Israel"
Project for the New American Century from the book "Robbing Us Blind" by Steve Brouwer

The Project for a New American Century from the beginning saw itself as an agent of bold change, one that could strengthen Israel as well as the United States. Just a year before its founding, in 1996, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was presented with a report that recommended repudiation of the Oslo Accords and the whole idea of "land for peace," and instead called for the seizure of the West Bank and Gaza Strip as well as encouraging an outright invasion of Iraq by the United States. It then suggested the next items that should be on the agenda: toppling the governments of Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. This report, entitled "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm," was co authored by Perle, Feith, and David Wurmser, who now works at the State Department under Bolton. A few days later these ideas, which would later become key policies of both Netanyahu and Sharon, were endorsed by the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal.

In the next few years, John Bolton and others wrote essays for the PNAC and for the neo conservative press that expounded upon these three themes: expanding Israel, taking out Iraq, and subduing the rest of the Middle East in one way or another. By the fall of 2002, advocates of this position were sharing their enthusiasm with the mainstream media. Interviewed in The Boston Globe, Meyrav Wurmser, wife of David Wurmser and director of the Center for Middle East Policy at the ultra-right Hudson Institute, was enthusiastic about the extended effects of the U.S. establishing "democracy" in Iraq: "Everyone will flip out, starting with the Saudis. It will send shock waves throughout the Arab world... After a war with Iraq, then you really shape the region."

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  1. I guess the Moors were like Muammar Qaddafi. North African and such. They sure had their day in Spain. Thank goodness the Jews have not gone over and bombed everything for spite!


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