Saturday, December 19, 2015

Israeli Jews Savagely Attack Santa Claus

Jew Inc is a thuggish bunch of savages, composed of liars, thieves, rapists, criminals fleeing justice in the West, false flag experts, murderers, corruptors, back-stabbers and other assorted criminals and sleazoids.

And this is what the American Congress gets on its knees to kiss the smelly nether regions of Jew Inc?


  1. In the 90's and earlier in Tokyo, the Japanese were hiring foreigners to dress up as Santa Claus for some of the local dept. stores and it ended up being mostly Israelis taking the job. Hey, it's money.


  2. Hey, after you torture and murder the Son Of God....everything else is easy.

  3. Hey, after you torture and murder the Son Of God....everything else is easy.

    That's right, the rest are just chumps to take.


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