Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Miracle of Miracles! Another Auschwitz Survivor!

Actually, this 'survivor' is one created by Hollywood... Come to think of it, since all of the six billion million trillion Holocaust frauds were created by Jew Inc and Hollywood, guess this one is part of the Holocaust Inc package that is gleefully shoved into American minds dozens of times each week.

This Hollywood Holocaust™ creation is the fine actor Eva Marie Saint, playing the part of Garner's wife 'Anna' in the 1965 movie "36 Hours," starring James Garner. "36 Hours" has Garner as an American intelligence officer kidnapped by the Nazis, drugged, spirited into Germany and artificially aged a dozen years or so.
He then wakes up in what he thinks is an American military hospital and told he's relapsed again, having another amnesiac episode and is undergoing treatment to get his memory back, which includes talking about how D-Day went off and where the invasion happened. But Garner was kidnapped before D-Day, so the Germans are trying to get the actual invasion landing locations out of Garner.

Garner initially falls for the deception, but finally realizes he's being tricked, and threatens Anna into confessing the truth. Anna says volunteered for this to escape the 'horrors' of Auschwitz, which was the lack of food so dire that she stole food from the hospital's patients. (Why would Auschwitz have a hospital for inmates if it was a 'death camp?' But I'm getting off track.)

Anna says nothing about gas chambers or a dedicated German plan to exterminate millions of God's Chosen Ones, or dead Jews being roasted to perfection in pizza ovens, just complains about the lack of food at Auschwitz. Since the move was made 20 years after the end of WWII, you'd think that Jew Inc would babble on and on about those six billion million trillion, but they don't. Maybe it's because the Holocaust™ is the biggest fraud of the 20th Century?

Not only was 'Anna' at Auschwitz, she also was at Innsbruck, where Austrians can now serve a year abroad working off their compulsory public service as a Holocaust door-to door salesperson.

I bet that makes many Austrians blood boil, but they can't speak out and complain, unless they want to be arrested, fined and imprisoned for asking questions about the Biggest Fraud of the 20th Century, the Holocaust™.

No Freedom of Speech for You, Goyim!
Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948, states that:

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
Unless the opinion or expression is about the Holocaust™, that is Verboten, you must regurgitate the official line about the six billion million trillion or else!

If not for the artificial creation of the holohoax, Israel would not have been established and if Israel was not in existence, JFK might of been a two-term president and shut down the western arm of Israel's murder for hire agency, the CIA.

"36 Hours" was remade as the "Breaking Point" in 1989 and I bet in that Hollywood fantasy, the GOYIM hear about the six billion million trillion Jews who were blah, blah, blah into eternity.

Excellent comment left at the book review of Arthur Butz's "The Hoax of the Twentieth Century."
Beware! The Hoax of the Twentieth Century is not a book that can be read with impunity., February 2, 2014 By Laura B.

Arthur Butz has cogently and meticulously torn to tatters the audacious lie that is the holocaust. Any honest and objective person who believes in the holocaust that reads this book will emerge with a world view that has been literally deconstructed. It is that persuasive.
Here are just a few well documented facts that have been kept from us for over sixty years. 1. The Germans who were prosecuted for gassings during the trials at Nuremberg had their confessions extracted by torture. 2. Not one piece of verifiable physical evidence for the supposed gassing of anyone has ever been produced ( no functional gas chamber, not one autopsied body that died of cyanide poisoning, no corroborating German documents, you name it ). 3. The pictures of naked dead bodies being bulldozed into mass graves, seered into your brain since you were a child, died of a massive typhus epidemic. They weren't gassed.
Once you realize the terrible and far reaching implications of this massive lie ( media and academia that are utterly controlled by the criminal state of Israel, the JFK assassination and coup d'├ętat, The false flag mass murders of 9/11 and subsequent illegal wars, etc.) you find yourself in an uncomfortable position. You will either become a dissident or a coward. I therefore advise that you proceed with caution.
And one more:
Continued Delusion Is An Option on December 20, 2013 By C. Schwartz

Many people come into this world steeped in WW II era created propaganda. Because that is all that they are exposed to. They assume it is true. And they end up becoming emotionally involved. They cry when they see all the Holocaust movies. They rant feverishly at the Nazis as the ultimate evil allowed by God to ever exist on the face of the earth and they shout out "Never Again !!!". I have done this very thing. For most of my life. I defended rabidly against any "Holocaust Denial". Blindly I see now, but in faith. For me the door creaked open when I learned that people have been incarcerated for years and heavily fined in some countries for just questioning the orthodox Holocaust story. I asked myself. "What kind of truth needs enforcement ?". I started to smell something funny. Read this book. There was much tragedy in WWII for many people. Enough that it doesn't need to be exaggerated. You will also see that there is an agenda involved in respect to the enforcement of the orthodox holocaust story. You can witness this agenda in many of the reviews that are made against this book. When you see a book on this or related subjects with half 1 star reviews and half 5 star reviews, you likely have found something worth reading. Read this book. For yourself.


  1. Exodus 1960
    at 2:20...
    Paul Newman as Ari Ben Cannan, about his father..."he called himself Barak Ben Canaan, Barak, the son of Cain"

  2. Wow! Only one comment?

    According to the late American patriot, Eustace Mullins, the word origin of "Cannibal and Cannibalism" comes from the name of Cain.

    In the field of Psychiatry, also a construct of the Jews, there is a term called "Transference". It is when a person or patient is confronted by question or the truth. The "accused" redirects the confrontation with vicious lies towards the person doing the questioning.

    A similar redirect is when the paranoid and guilty party immediately begins their attacks in a preemptive strike. This is done as a distraction to obscure what is really going on.

    Before anybody knows what happened, such as the mass burial of human remains at the camps, there are accusations Antisemitsm.

    Transference at play.

  3. Szasz first presented his attack on "mental illness" as a legal term in 1958 in the Columbia Law Review. In his article he argued that mental illness was no more a fact bearing on a suspect's guilt than is possession by the devil.[8]

    Just another $$$$$$ jew scam/killing/drug scam.


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