Saturday, December 5, 2015

UPDATE: SHOOTER WAS UPDATING FACEBOOK AT TIME OF SHOOTING??/San Bernardino FF Couple Found Lying Face Down, Handcuffed and Shot in Vehicle

THIS IS PERHAPS THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT FOR BUSTING THIS ENTIRE RUSE: In ALL photos and video, the windows of the SUV are rolled up yet shot out. Yet the police claimed they were receiving fire from assault rifles from this vehicle. If this couple was using assault rifles, they would not have been able to fire them through closed windows because the barrels are too long, it is impossible to be in a car and point one out the side with the windows rolled up because there simply is not enough room in a car to do that. And no one is stupid enough to try to shoot a gun in an enclosed chamber like a car with the windows rolled up, the back blast would be severe. The fact they were up in all photos is cold proof no bullets were ever fired from this SUV, all the bullet damage is from police.

San_12.2.15_Bern photo SB_12.2.15_zps3n3r9pjr.png

Here's the original 'BOLO' (Be on the Look Out) issued on December 2 at 1135 hours:

#BREAKING: Reports of an active shooter in San Bernardino. Police looking for 3 white males dressed in military gear. At least 20 injured

Why all this mayhem, courtesy of Jew Inc? Because Israel is tired of waiting on their GOYIM bitches, the USA, France, England, Germany etc to steal the ME land the Zionists want for an Eretz Israel, shown below.

7.18.13 photo eretzisraelmaplg_zpsaa9c20c7.jpg

So Jew Inc will keep up with these obvious False Flags until Americans scream for the ultimate vengeance, some nukes dropped on Iraq and Syria. Preferably neutron bombs so the Jew can move into the abandoned buildings vacated by the dead Arabs.

NOTE: Jew Inc has been busy. They used their trolls to file numerous complaints about my PB pics, supposedly for violating terms of use, when actually they expose the truth that the Jew doesn't want you to see.
So go ahead and wipe away Jew Inc, I'll keep pasting the TRUTH and you can keep sucking on **** *****.


With each version of this Jew False Flag attack against the USA, the info offered gets more ludicrous. Now the JEW MSM is telling us that Tasfheen Malik was updating her Facebook page at the same time she was alleged to be shooting up the IRC in San Bernardino?

What a load of BS. They obviously haven't heard the term 'muzzle creep,' which is a factor when shooting a rifle, especially an assault rifle. The rifle barrel will start creeping up with each round fired, making it necessary to hold the weapon with both hands to stay on target.
Yet they want us to believe that a 90 pound female was blasting away, holding the rifle with one hand, while holding her smart phone and updating her FB page with the other?

Shit, even Rambo couldn't do that trick.

The story was in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, entitled, "FBI Investigating California shooting as terrorism."

Here's the part that defies belief:

 photo PD_12.15_zpsrpkffv8m.png

What's known for sure is that this is another vicious attack by Jew Inc to keep the hatred going and to keep the war pitting Christian against Muslims ongoing so the Jews will reap the benefits, both in the money made thru their control of central banks financing this conflict that also lets Israel continue on its homicidal policy of exterminating Palestinians, so they can steal the rest of their land.
And has their GOYIM stooges fighting and dying for Israel.


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  2. When I heard about this on the radio, a black guy was being interviewed saying the suspect who drove away from the scene looked like an average white guy and seemed like "he didn't have a care in the world"

    The cars involved were rented in Ca with Utah plates.

    And this Malik name - is it any relation to Malnik?

    Al Malnik (Jewish) was 2nd in command to Meyer Lansky and loaned money to Michael Jackson. Al's son married into the Saudi royal family.

  3. This sort of thing is your "new" United States norm.

    Don't forget the drills going on in the area for just such events....

    Apparently these drills were monthly events.

    According to the late great Dave McGowan in ref to the Boston Marathon bombing, this was business as usual, just a drill but they decided to take it "real" for the public.

    Every case has multiple variations but that seems to be the case here.

    And when I first heard of the shooting I was already watching tv, it was the first announcement made public. And they did speak of 3 tall men with military bearing. Then that was suddenly changed to a couple...

    I also heard a woman being interviewed who had seen the men but, as with the references to bomb noises in post 9/11 interviews, they have disappeared. Or like the doctor who originally announced the death of JFK only to have everything changed in the medical reports within minutes.

    I figure these things are just the norm nowadays. Things will not change until ... well, I don't know if yall are past the point of no return...

  4. Noor, I was home and caught the beginning of this latest Jew FF and at one point, they said that they had found the abandoned SUV a few miles away.

    And that was the first and only time that was stated.

    They almost gave away their FF.

    This will keep up until martial law is declared within one year. The Jew must have absolute control so they can keep using our kids as cannon fodder when the USD collapses.

  5. Busticated. I am reminded of the horrific shooting last year here in Stockton, California. A woman was kidnapped by bank robbers less than a mile from where I live. The SUV vehicle had more than 400 bullets holes in it. The young woman, married to s Sikh family, dead from multiple gun shot wounds from police. The Sikh community was supportive to the family and although this was a horrible example of a crime and police brutality, the Sikh community kept their honor and did not retaliate with riots or any other kind of violence. They kept the peace.

    If this was a black victim, there would have been a lot of riots and violence. The shooters were Mexican, but the Mexican community did not riot or show any support either way.

    I walk though the shooting scene when I go to the store and I still see pock marks everywhere. If I look really hard, I bet I can find bullet fragments.

    I call the riots that happen and the violence by police and minorities as selective morality. As people, we are constantly assailed with lies and every form of distraction imaginable.

    America is hopelessly lost with its addiction to violence, immorality, drugs, war. etc.

    I see commercials on TV about luxury cars and the good life. Commercials about the latest diet pills with actors showing off their near naked bodies. The cooking shows brag about the latest food trends while Americans gobble up food like its going out of style, ignoring that there is a homeless problem with millions of poor Americans starving, mostly children.

    I see Christian Evangelists on TV like John Hagee dupe ignorant Christians into giving and supporting Israel with millions of dollars while it is a fact that in Israel, there are laws passed not to mention Jesus nor is Christianity to be preached. The latest news article I read, mentioned Christians would be attacked. Yet, Christians still send money to that vile, rogue and evil state knowing or being ignorant of supporting a terrorist state, Israel.

  6. At 1:10 the interviewee says the shooter drove away from the scene "very slow, very calm"

  7. I have read just about all that has been made available about this "shooting". But one thing really sticks out like a sore thumb. The "pipe bombs" Why would they make all these bombs, then leave them at someone house? If you go out to kill as many people as possible, the bombs would have done a lot more damage. To leave them in someones house is just ridiculous, and to think we would believe such a thing, is a massive insult to peoples intelligence.

  8. They should have scrubbed this new pack of lies...

    And, no doubt, AFTER the photo-op they took him out back and ate him.


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