Monday, December 28, 2015

When and Where Will the Next ISRAELI FALSE FLAG HIT?

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That another Israeli backed and sponsored False Flag will hit it is a given, the question's to answer are where and when? The 'when' could be anytime, and the 'where' will be here in the USA. Another Israeli backed False Flag, like the San Bernardino FF, again blamed on Muslims, even though it will be some American terror outfit like this one pulling the trigger.

Israel needs these False Flags to happen on a regular basis to keep Americans scared out of their wits so they'll continue to demand vengeance against some ME country Israel doesn't like and wants to destroy so Jew Inc can steal their land and to keep the 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' hot for decades to come.

By setting off these False Flags, Israel is putting Americans into the frame of mind that they are getting attacked by Muslims in the same way Israel is getting attacked by Palestinian Muslims. Israel argues that the attacks against it are for no reason, the Israel is a peace-loving nation that wants to get along with its neighbors.
Israel doesn't get along with its neighbors because of six decades of Zionist and Jew violence against its neighbors so they can remain the ME 'superpower' and steal more land for their Eretz Israel dream.

So the next Israeli False Flag against the USA will follow the past scripts of it being a a gory event, shooting dozens of unarmed people, then framing some Muslim patsies for the attack, having already rounded up the patsies and conveniently placed them close to the attack, handcuffed and already shot dead, like the couple in San Bernardino.

With the Zionist cable news network channels like ZNN and FOX N*** primed, they'll be able to spew Muslim hatred for days, jacking up the fear and hatred to new peaks, with Americans demanding that some Muslim nation be bombed to smithereens and that what's left of our civil liberties be stripped, so we can live in security.

Want to see what we're really fighting for? The map below shows Eretz Israel, what Americans have been fighting and dying for decades, with our economy being gutted to pay for this madness. Next time you hit a pothole on the highway left over from last Winter or have to take another route to get to work, since the bridge you use has been closed due to it falling apart or when you drive your son or daughter, wounded horribly fighting for Israel, and has to be taken to a private facility since the nearest VA hospital is overloaded, remember that this is the reason why.

GI_7.16.14 photo Greater_israel_zpsd3f218fb.jpg

More than 500 jihadists cared for at Israel's Ziv Medical Centre

9-11 cover-up is an ongoing crime that has to be maintained by the criminal cabal that is behind it

The Zionist Network behind 9-11


  1. Jim Kirwan:
    In my rebuttal to him ( his above article, part of his response is:

    If you want to see Islam in action you need to see it first hand in the streets of places like San Francisco, where the flashpoint is coming to be, very soon... Islam is a global-threat like no other, and it will be defeated, once the world sees exactly what it has always been.

    I guess he has the knowledge/answer as to where the next false flag is going to be. The moron couldn't contain his excitement and stuck his foot in his mouth...

  2. Re-blogged:

  3. Muslims themselves to blame for such misery that has eclipsed over 'em. I have seen enough evidence of that in my life. This misery or cancer is zio-western backed Saudi/wahbbism.

  4. What a classic response from you, bravo!

    ".... I wish you luck on your journey of hate to the nether regions, spewing hate for any an all who don't agree with your racist philosophy.
    Good luck with your emotional growth.

    Agreed, he can start wearing diapers for hats. Long, pointy & conical hats are known to shrink brains!

  5. Shia Muslims are less inclined to be bought. Iran, Hezbollah. Most of the western backed Muslim leaders are Sunni. I don't know what makes the difference, it just is. Arabs blame traitor and/or tyrannical Muslim (in name only) leaders more than they blame US or Israhell for their troubles.

  6. IMO.. It could be on the 31st December 2015.... During Celebration of the New Year...Some IED made by Amish ??But it will be where the Amish are not much liked...So you can eliminate New York, Florida & maybe Kalifornia...

  7. You're right Genie. I was born in a sunni majority country. People weren't so dogmatic until 30 something ago, when people starting flocking to those tyrannical middle eastern countries for jobs. They came back with wahhabi brainwashed "pure islam" mindset. Everything went downhill after that.

    I have more respects for the shias, after watching these so called "holier than thou" dickheads, including relatives!

  8. If Israel did not exist or if it was in the south Pacific, the world would be a much more peaceful place.

    Except that the USA and a Coalition of the Killing would have invaded the Marshal Islands and Guam by now, because of al CIA Duh plots.


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