Friday, January 8, 2016

Idiots 3: Video Showing How Clueless Journalists Are. Or Maybe Just Plain Stupid

Forum on "The Dangers of Reporting From the Middle East: On The Ground: The Dangers of Reporting from the Middle East," with Matthieu Aikins, Lara Logan and Sebastian Junger showing the world how fucking ignorant they are.

This was sponsored by the CFR, the think tank that produces a lot of BS to be consumed by Americans and others about the fraudulent 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

You might remember Lara Logan
for getting suspended from CBS for telling a lie about Hillary Clinton fumbling the Benghazi weapons transfer operation.

Or from her claiming she was raped in Egypt's Tahrir Square by several hundred men. Wouldn't you know it though, her camera battery DIED right at the moment the alleged rape began.

Here's a quote from Aikins on his buddies in 'al CIA Duh.'
AIKINS: Well, it’s funny, because, yeah, that’s like you’re hanging out with good al-Qaida, and, you know, bad al-Qaida is not around, so it’s cool.
Yes, 'al CIA Duh' is so cool, you fucking twerp.

Guess this kind of brain dead activity is par for the course these days for idiotic Americans journalists who seem to spend more time on their appearance than their stories.

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  1. I remember Lara Logan. Maybe she did get raped in Egypt who knows. It was a male out of control mob scene and no one was safe. She shouldn't have been there. She didn't get a lot of sympathy, as I recall, particularly from seasoned male Middle East journalists.
    My sister in law in Nablus reported yesterday that there is zero income in the West Bank. The depopulation of 'Greater Israel' is no joke, they are doing it. I've long suspected that Natenyahu wants to take the credit on his watch.


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