Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Jew Inc Destroys both Homs, Syria and Gaza in Occupied Palestine

Guess one could say the Syrian residents of Homs that are still alive can consider themselves lucky that they still have the president they elected, Assad, in power. If or maybe when the Zionists and their Jew Overlords finally kill Assad, then Syria will turn into another Hell on Earth, like Libya or Iraq.

All three of those nations, Syria, Libya and Iraq, were prosperous, secular nations that took care of their citizens and kept the Jew banksters at bay. Not anymore. Iraq's been destroyed, and Libya with the place overrun by Zionist supported thugs and the banksters still have Syria in their sites.

American tax dollars at work in Gaza, used by the Jew terrorists to decimate Gaza.
 photo Gazza_zpseoy0g99h.png

RT correspondent Murad Gazdiev and his crew have managed to film an aerial view of the city of Homs in Syria, which saw one of the heaviest battles of the Syrian civil war. The clip shows the city, once Syria's third largest and a major industrial hub, totally devastated by war.

Did you enjoy that video? Jew Inc must be using their JEWtube lackeys to block the video feed. To see the video, click here

More from Syria, footage from Damascus, a city that is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities, with archeological date going back over 9,000 years. 9,000 years wiped out in a few months of bombing by Zionist lackeys France, England and the former USA, in service to their Yid Masters in Tel Aviv and Wall Street.

Damascus has perfected the art of hospitality and nowhere is the oft-heard refrain ‘ahlan wa sahlan, you are welcome’, said with such warmth as it is in Damascus.

Now we have video footage showing the Israeli ritual destruction of Gaza, that has been an ongoing, decades-long assault upon the unarmed civilians of that city, all to satiate the blood-lust of the Khazar parasites.

At the 43 second mark, check out the destruction of the Al-Wafa hospital, courtesy of psychotic Jews, desperately trying to fulfill their blood libel cravings.

If Americans could pull themselves away from watching FOX N*** or listening to Limbaugh and look around, they'd see their nation's infrastructure is slowly starting to look like it's been bombed, with trillions of dollars of repairs and upkeep always being delayed, with Congress crying they don't have the money.

But they always have plenty of money for Israel while we watch our nation slowly turn into something out of the 3rd world.

Israel has a long history
of using the noise and distraction of a USA presidential election year as cover for launching horrendous attacks against Gaza. Will the Khazar blood-suckers again attack defenseless Gaza in the Fall of 2016?

US Senate passing bill to appoint additional bankruptcy judges.


  1. This is not acceptable to me. To many of the powers that be and those in control, this is not just only not acceptable, but a crime against nature.

    Of course, to the Jew, the slaughter of innocent children, is not a crime since those of the being of Non Jewish origins, are not human and therefore, subject to being a crime against Humans. Under the law of Judaism and it's intrinsic laws defined under the Talmud, the slaughter of Gentiles is that of animals, and or, cattle.

    This is how they justify murder against less than human beings.

    To the Jew, they are the true meaning of what a Human Being, is.

    Anyone less than a Jew (Gentile) , is less than human.

  2. They're good cop bad cop routine might be coming to a close...or Project Bluebeam meets satanic judaism...

    Jew Orsen Wells War of the Worlds 1938 radio broadcast goes to video. Scare the sheep into their own slavery.

  3. 9,000 years vs 67 yr old Israhell and 239 yr old USA. Are we jealous because everyone else has history, roots and substance and we are a house of cards built on sand? We and Israel are alike in this way. We consume the world yet we are empty.

  4. Genie, the goal is to replace real history with fake, similar to the counterfeit Ashkenazi Jews, build Holocaust temples, destroy rich history nations like Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, old adversaries like Persia and Rus

  5. Hans hit the nail on the head. Jew Inc thinks in terms of decades and generations, not months or years.

    100 years from now, if the Khazar parasites aren't stopped, the history of the world will be completely different with Jews at the forefront of all good things and Israel will have become 'Eretz Israel' and no one will be around to bring up the truth, we'll be dead and gone, replaced by dullards raised on Common Core nonsense.


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