Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Protecting the Jew's Property in the USA from False Flags by Israel

Watch the Jew liar 'Lucky' Larry go on and on answering a simple question. Which is how liars lie, they draw out the lie, adding all sorts of bulllshit to make the lie believable.

It doesn't get much sweeter than this. Jew York Senator Charles Schumer helped get the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2014 brought to a vote to keep this sweet money making deal for the JEW intact thru 2021.

Basically what this handout does is protect the property of Jews like 'Lucky' Larry Silverstein from losses incurred whenever the rampaging lunatics of Israel decide to attack AGAIN some city in the USA to keep Americans scared shitless and witless, since the attack will be blamed by the Jew MSM on those nasty Muzzies, instead of the real culprits, the Ashkenazi Jew.

The total amount available per year, to be borne by the US taxpayer, is 100 BILLION dollars, yes BILLION. That's several WTC False Flags a year or maybe one Big Boom, as in a mushroom cloud appearing over some American city, to keep Americans seething with hatred for the Muslim world and ready to spend and bleed ourselves into oblivion to protect that parasitic State of Hate, Israel.

Who oversees this massive terrorist welfare program for Israel? The Secretary of the Treasury, Jacob the Jew, assisted by another Ashkenazi Jew, Deputy Secretary Sarah Bloom Raskin.. Before helping fuckers like 'Lucky' Larry, Raskin was at the Jew owned and run Federal Reserve, another Zionist scam that is bleeding this nation of all our wealth, as evidenced by the pathetic state of our infrastructure, which we don't have the money to fix, since much of that loot has been laundered to Israel and offshore accounts of Jew con artists.

Such is the state of the late USA, being bled dry monetarily by Jew con artists while we send our kids and relatives off to wars in the ME and Africa to protect and expand that nation of parasites, Israel, into their grand scheme of Eretz Israel.





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  2. One land thug must support the other. Goys holy duty!

  3. The same Jews who did 911 TERRORIST ATTACK and coup d'etat of the gov. through the Bush administration neocons are in charge of our homeland security! They have access to everything! It can't get more incredible than that, huh? We don't have our own country anymore, we have a greater Israhell.
    America’s Fire Hydrants Present the Next Great Threat to Homeland Security …

  4. Lucky Larry is also the one who apparently "made the decision to pull it." Demolition of a building that had never been hit by an airplane was a miscalculation that may yet one day be the downfall of the 9/11 plotters. Let's hope so. From that standpoint maybe we'll all owe Larry a round of thanks.


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