Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What Israeli PM Netenyahu Said About the USA

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A good friend of mine was in Tel Aviv recently, eating at the upscale 'Herbert Samuel' restaurant when Israeli PM Netenyahu, along with his security detail and a couple of friends, walked in and took a reserved table.

My friend observed that Netenyahu appeared to be heavily intoxicated on something, maybe booze, my friend wasn't sure.

My friend said that Netenyahu and his buddies ordered drinks and was hitting the booze big time and getting rather loud and obnoxious, telling jokes my friend couldn't overhear completely, just snippets.

Then Netenyahu's voice got louder when he said, "Those stupid fucking Americans. No matter how many times we use false flags to attack them or how much money we steal from those damned fools or how many Americans we kill, they never wise up. In fact, it's just the opposite. They get on their knees with open mouth and beg for another shot of our hard, really HARD love." At that, my friend said Netenyahu started laughing uproariously as did his friends.

It's the Gentiles Fault Jew Inc is Robbing Americans Blind!

My friend said that not only Netenyahu's table laughed, most of the diners at other tables also chuckled along with their PM's painfully true observation of that 'special USA-Israel relationship.'

For security reasons, I won't name my friend, nor even his sex, since that would be a death sentence on my friend.

But I can assure you and I'll swear on a stack of Scofield bibles that this story is true, as true as this story about CNN host Fareed Zakaria urging Muslims to rape white women.

But if you want to read what Zakaria really said about in that now deleted post, which was about white American males dying prematurely, click here.

The world's biggest, most violent gangster is a Jew, Semion Mogilevich. And yes, although born in the Ukraine, he has Israeli citizenship in case he needs to flee prosecution.


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  2. Good article by Fareed Zakaria. I usually thumb my nose at him.


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