Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"All Aboard the Chicken Little Scalia Express!"

Chicken Little, AKA Henny Penny, according to the fable, was a hen who became neurotic and started screaming "The sky is falling" when an acorn fell on her head. She goes to tell the King about this impending disaster--according to her--and along the way, gathers all sorts of companions who are also deluded.
But she and her fellow nuts never made it to the King as along the way, a fox invited them into his den to hear the story and the fox gobbled them all up.

And that's what I see happening with the SCOTUS Justice Scalia death, all sorts of people clattering that they just know this is another heinous plot, hatched by some sinister black op group to take over the world and enslave us all.

The fact that Scalia, according to this personal physician, had a host of medical problems; was grossly overweight and had skin pallor like a vampire, meaning he didn't get outside much and get some of that nice sunshine that radiates Vitamin D, a vitamin essential for heart health.

So you have a grossly overweight 79 yo dude whose job is to set on his ass all day long, listening to people argue back and forth, that dies after hiking over the rugged West Texas hill country and we can't take that at face value?

No, it has to be the Jesuits or the globalists or the Masons or the corporatist's or the Illuminati or maybe a black, Hindu abortion doctor who has a homosexual lover and worships Satan. Yeah, that's who dun it!

The part of this psyops that had Scalia being embalmed overnight seems to have dropped from the narrative, guess the facts got in the way.

The point I'm trying to make is that every time an acorn falls on your head doesn't mean the sky is falling or the FBI is going to round us up and stick us in FEMA camps. For what you're doing is sticking a knife in the 9/11 Truth Movement and that's one thing we can't afford to do.
If the Flat Earth society wants to go on and on about the Earth being flat, they just know it is, let them but real 9/1 Truthers should stay away from branding everything a conspiracy. That is gutting the 9/11 Truth Movement instead of bringing to light what really happened.

For when you scream, "The sky is falling," you're letting the real SOBs behind 9/11 escape punishment.

So if you want your kids to look like this 14 yo Palestinian girl, who got shot for being Palestinian, then keep nodding your hear anytime someone shouts the sky is falling.

The Putrefaction of American Democracy.... our democratic republic is the one really dead, but not many notice, since their too busy watching steroid freaks mangle a leather ball or some skimpily dressed babe shake her booty on a stage or can't wait to watch the next episode of the KarTRASHians so they can keep up with water cooler talk.

What Are We Smelling?


  1. You could be right with your comment about Scalia ??
    But why do they refuse an autopsy ?? Humph ??

  2. The family didn't want an autopsy done. Maybe he was taking too many happy pills to cope with his job?

  3. David Shurter says Scalia was frequenting a pedophile resort and got his throat slit.


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