Saturday, February 20, 2016

My Blog Post on Pentagon Burn Pits from Nearly SEVEN Years Ago

Since this has been getting a lot press lately, at least in the alternative press, thought I'd re-post my blog on the Pentagon burn pits from November 2007.
Figuring out unique ways to kill and disable American troops... courtesy of the Pentagon

It's not enough that close to 100,000 American troops have been killed and wounded in combat fighting these 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' our own government heaps on the insults by exposing them to toxic burn pits.

Our government kills and maims our own troops and for what? To catch a dead man, Bin Laden? Or to keep that drug money from Afghan poppy fields flowing into Wall Street banks and to position American bases around the Caspian Basin so we can steal their oil and natural gas and to surround Israel's 'existential' enemy, Iran with American forces.

That's the real reasons we're stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Want to actually show some respect for the vets on Veterans Day?


Or maybe the Congress and WH can lead by example by immediately sending ALL of their kids of fighting age into the Army Airborne or Marine Recon Forces, NOW.

And that draft-dodging war pig, GW Bush, can personally enlist and then insist his two daughters get sent to a 'hot' combat zone.

X-File’ Vet May Be Link to Burn-Pit Truth by Kelley B. Vlahos
Yesterday, Edward Adams was an X-File, but tomorrow he might be the critical link between the toxic plumes rising recklessly from U.S. Army installations in the war zone and the growing number of veterans crippled by unexplained nerve, heart, and respiratory damage back home.

That’s because unlike any other known case, according to advocates, Adams was recently told by a board of military doctors at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii that his health anomalies – including the appearance of countless holes or "cysts" riddling the tissue around his lungs and an aorta that has shrunk to half its normal size in three months – "probably is related to the exposure to burn pits in Iraq."

This is coming at a time when the Pentagon has so far maintained there are "no significant short or long-term health risks" from the massive burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan, which incinerate, in open air, everything from medical waste to plastics, dining hall trash, rubber, lithium batteries, petroleum products, and hardware, causing a noxious, jet-black plume and huge clouds over the area.
Maybe they'll get some relief from the courts, but don't hold your breath.... if you can still breathe.

The US companies being sued are KBR and Halliburton, who have a VERY cozy relationship with the Pentagon, Congress and the WH, so don't look for much, if anything, to come out of this lawsuit.

Military contractors sued over Iraq 'burn pits'

Link to Burn Pits Action Center, with first hand accounts of soldiers being exposed to poisons deliberately by our government.

First we send them into combat and then, toss them in prison for using exotic substances to 'self-medicate' and escape the horrors of war.

Thanks to "" for keeping these stories online.

More 'collateral damage' in the endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

Congress can't seem to find the money for these wounded troops, but never misses a chance to give Israel money and weapons, like the recent announcement that Americans were going to get tagged over 100 million to help the Yid land thieves detect tunnels in Occupied Palestine.


  1. It's such a pitiful waste to go into the US military, they're at the front lines and they are human shields and slaves for the fat elite who don't even know them.

  2. Yes, and for many, it's the only job available. The USA is becoming like India more and more, with the rich getting very rich and the number of poor expanding, and the only middle class is the needed bureaucrats to be police, doctors, accountants, etc.


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