Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hacking Democracy: Clearing the Path for HRM Hillary and her Brood

With the Iowa fake caucuses now being virtually confirmed to be dirty and slanted for HRM Hillary, we now embark to New Hampshire, which is even less transparent than Iowa. Even Iowa's biggest paper, the 'Des Moines Register' is now saying the caucuses don't smell right.
With partisans on the Right and Left now charging, appropriately or not, that the caucuses were "stolen", and both the Register and Sanders' camp calling for state Democrats to release raw vote totals, Harris notes: "Really, the bottom line is, if they won't disclose stuff, then it smells. If they disclose it, everybody can see for themselves." "People say, well, there are problems in every election," she continues. "My mantra is: That may be true, but let's see the problems. All I'm saying is let us see them, and let us address them. Most people I talk to — even if they're very partisan — they say, 'If I can see it and we lost fair and square, I will accept that.' It really ticks people off when you say, 'we won, and we aren't going to show you how.'"
Even though Bernie is leading that bitch by double digits in New Hampshire, the results, or rather the cooked results will show a virtual tie, which the Jew MSM will then give to their witch, Clinton.

There's an excellent doc from 2006 called "Hacking Democracy" that shows how easy it is to hack votes on Diebold's scan system, which has been 'rebranded' as Premier Election Solutions.

The actual full length has been banned on JEWtube in the USA, blamed on copyright grounds, but they've banned it in the one nation it applies to, so go figure.

The ways to hack and change the vote were easy, as shown here, and that's why the video is banned from being shown on JEWtube.

This piece of the video shows how easy it is to hack the vote at the four minute mark, which that war witch Clinton needs done.

The USA portrayed in our schools, on TV and in the movies is a mirage of what might of been. There is no democracy in the USA, we are a nation occupied by bankers and Jews, used like whores to fulfill their ultimate fantasy, of an Eretz Israel, as shown below.

GI_7.16.14 photo Greater_israel_zpsd3f218fb.jpg

The bankers and Israel have decided that Hillary is their man to get the job done of finishing the destruction of Syria, then moving onto Iran, and We the People be damned.

When Hillary steals the WH, the cabinet she appoints will look like a Bar Mitzvah guest list.

Writing a Letter to the Editor or contacting your Senator or Congress person will do nothing except waste your time. There's only one way left to take back this nation from the parasites and traitors that are enslaving us and that involves blood, lots and lots of blood.


  1. Year ago I saw a documentary of cheating at the polling booths. A technician showed by using the light pen he could change how the voter would pick the opposing candidate totally undetected. He would touch a letter on a word like:

    1...Place Pen on your choice of Candidates.....

    He would place the light pen on the letter P on the word "Place" to change the vote.

    I don't understand why there was no outcry or screams from the public.

    There was no outcry or screams from the public when voting ballots were found along country roads in the state of Florida all strewn and tossed like trash. This was during the presidential election between George Bush and Al Gore.

    If this happened in a country in South America where voting tampering is rampant, we would have sent an army to intervene. Yet, when it happens here in America, The Land Of The Free, nothing happens.

    The system is rigged and corrupt and has been for a century.

    My father (may he rest in peace) told me when he ran for office in a small town near Corpus Christi, Texas, he said he said the local Sheriff arrested him and put him in jail for a night. He quoted the Sheriff " Mr. Trevino I can make up more charges and make them stick". My fathers friends wanted to take out the corrupt sheriff with a 3030 Winchester. My dad talked them out of it, of course.

    My father was quite sad and disturbed by the assassination of John F. Kennedy and was an avid reader of books like "None Dare Call It TREASON".

    Out of all children, I seem to have picked up the torch of being a truth seeker. He asked us continue on after his death to investigate The Kennedy Conspiracy. That search has led me to sites like this and others.

    I had no idea the world was this sick and evil. I am overwhelmed by it all.

  2. Lee, the only reason I still vote is that one, the more people that vote makes the bastards doing the stealing work harder to trick the results and two, so I can stay on the rolls of potential jurors so I can see if jury nullification actually works, as long as there wasn't unnecessary violence involved.

  3. Like your jury dream, hope it comes true!
    I don't believe anyone is voting for Hillary. The trend is against the Bush/Clinton dynasties, even idiots. The new voting generations like a fresh face, like Obama. Sanders may not be what he seems but people young and old are sick of old faces.
    I don't think the voters will stand for it. Don't really know what that means, ha!

  4. BTW, I did enjoy the Super Bowl half-time today...for ONCE it was really awesome. I've been a Tina Turner fan since I was a little girl, so of course I love to watch Beyonce dance... guess those black girls with the powerful legs fascinate me! lol and so there was her plus this guy who dances really great...he's kinda 'west side' Hispanic looking. Forgot his name. He and Beyonce as a team was just too awesome. I've NEVER been into Lady Gaga and didn't even know she could sing until she sang the anthem. Wow, new respect! I did not watch the game but I was rooting for the Panthers. Who lost.
    Reporting live from the Super Bowl!

  5. I take back what I said about Sanders. I mean, the man is a Jew for chrissake. I really thought the people would rise against this sham election and psychopath presidents chosen for us by psychopaths. Here we sit for more? Depressing.


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