Saturday, February 13, 2016

Some of the Jews Looting, Then Wrecking American Businesses, Part II

"How Sweet it Is!"

This is how the Jew gangsters operate, in full view, since the DOJ has said it won't prosecute 'white collar crime.' They borrow money at nearly zero percent interest from their Kosher buds at the Jew owned and run Federal Reserve, then use that cash to buy out American companies ripe for picking, loot the company and then walk away with billions while the company expires. Millions have lost their jobs this way.

Adding insult to this financial rape is that many of the companies destroyed are then bought for pennies on the dollar by other Jew financial sharpies, who borrow money for virtually nothing from their FED buddies.

While many Americans look for a job or a place to live for their family, the gangsters that caused this misery are living like the kings of old.

The Jew gangsters were also behind the 2008 market crash, brought about by their 'dodgy' Mortgage Backed Securities fraud, which caused millions to lose their home, while gaining trillions for the gangsters.

Additionally, the Jew gangsters at the FED crash the stock market, which wrecks the economy, putting many a business at risk, since the economy is failing. That's when these vultures swoop in and feast on the carcass.

Such is life living under the brutal occupation of the Jew gangsters, like another Kosher Nostra gang that is getting rich off American's misery.

Jew bankers controlled the major USA banks back at the beginning of the 20th Century, setting off several financial recessions, which led up to the really big crash of 1929.

Now, we're seeing history repeat itself with another financial depression heading our way and there's not much we can do, except the government can do at this point, except to keep people distracted with lies about Muslim boogiemen and by waging war against nations, like Syria, that don't want to be part of the Jew banking schemes.


  1. The United States like Britain is in the control of a disproportionately Jewish banking CABAL. This is fact and all the conflicts we see in the world stem from this illegal entity. All the austerity in Europe and the whole world stem from the policies of BANKS, not Governments. The financial crisis of 2008 was not a recession, IT WAS A ROBBERY which caused literally millions of people in Europe and probably in the USA to lose their jobs and homes.

    Governments are mere puppets for the Rothschild et al. Look up E. Knuth's book "Empire of the City". In 1946 he states quite clearly that the jewish Rothschild dynasty promotes war for profit. Churchill's father Randolph owed the Rothschilds a load of money ... Winston Churchill originally critised World Jewry, but changed his mind!

    This is a great short video, with facts to share:

    Why are people afraid of the facts about Jews? (From Destroy ZOG)

    There appears to a debate going on between Capitalism, Communism and fascism. I don't support any ISM. We have CRONY capitalism. I want to live a free life without the constraints of Govern-ment. Break down the word. Govern to control and ment, the mind. Let people be free to be themselves .. to be individuals. I know the Holocaust is a lie, but I don't support National Socialism.

    America is becoming a fascist states. All these ISM's take away freedom of speech and liberty.

    Here's a reminder Aaron Russo. "America, Freedom to Fascism"

    This video from "The Artist Taxi Driver" is so true. "Crimewatch" is a British TV Programme, which report CRIME. Warning :explicit language.

  2. My mom told me that when we lived in Connecticut, not far from NYC, the Zionists would approach Jewish store owners for donations to the Israeli state. When they didn't give in, they'd get their windows smashed in.

    The Italian Mafia, on the other hand, would approach businesses like car dealerships to front loans for them. If they said no, nothing would happen except maybe the Mafia would approach them about loaning money sometime later.

    In essence, the Mafia was easier to deal with than the Zionists, believe it or not.

  3. "While many Americans look for a job or a place to live for their family, the gangsters that caused this misery are living like the kings of old."

    Thus the new title for my blog.

    I am thinking back to the Warren committee set up for JFK investigation. Unbelievably Vice president Johnson, who had a role in the assassination, Allen Dulles (whom JFK fired) and Gerald Ford (who helped in the cover up were on the commission. That "official" version still stands without any's just because the media holds it up. What is more incredible to me is the fact of the criminals on the commission!
    To andie: I read that the Zionists terrorists in Palestine would terrorize the new boat Jews for money also.


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