Sunday, March 27, 2016

American Cities at Risk for the Next Israeli False Flag

Prologue: Since the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag, CCTV units have been sprouting like mushrooms after a Spring rain. That goes double for airports. So why do we get pics that are missing the time and date stamp after one of these attacks, like the one in Brussels?

Why did the Jew MSM use older footage of an attack at a Russian airport as evidence that Brussels had been hit with suicide bombers?

And why are the pictures shown always blurred, grainy and slightly out of focus?

It's as if someone didn't want us Sheeple to look to closely at what was going on.

Wait, You Can't Tell Any Truths About Palestine!

Below is the painfully true story of 86-year-old stateless Palestinian Nakba survivor Mariam Fathalla, who is touring at least 25 US cities this year to tell the TRUTH about the Judaic invasion and mass-murder of tens of thousands--hundreds of thousands--Palestinian by the pseudo-Jews who are actually mongrel Turks.

Jew Inc hates this kind of truth getting out, so any of the cities listed in this tour are in danger of an 'al CIA Duh' or ISIS--Israeli Special Intelligence Services--False Flag attack so the Jew MSM can bray loudly about those nasty Arabs and keep the hate turned on high for the decades-long planned extermination of Palestinine, Iraq, Syria and Iran.
North American Nakba Tour

The US Embassy in Beirut approved visas for 86-year-old stateless Palestinian Nakba survivor Mariam Fathalla and for 23-year-old Amena Ashkar, the stateless granddaughter and great granddaughter of Nakba survivors. Both will come to the US on April 3. Regrettably, the visa for 25-year-old Hiba Abu Khreibeh was denied, for reasons about which we can speculate but never really know. Below is the revised announcement, including an updated itinerary.

The Free Palestine Movement, International Solidarity Movement-Northern California and al-Awda Palestine Right to Return Coalition announce the North America Nakba Tour, April 5 – June 5, 2016

Mariam, now 86 years old and respectfully known as Umm Akram (mother of Akram), has spent the last 68 years in crowded, makeshift refugee camps in Lebanon. She has raised three generations in the same camps, all waiting to return to their home in Palestine. She has lived through five Israeli invasions of Lebanon, as well as the 1976 Tel al-Zaatar camp massacre that killed more than 2000 of the refugees there. Please listen to what she has to say.


All 9/11 Airports Serviced by One Israeli Owned Company

The Same Israeli company, ICTS also provided 'security' to the recently attacked Brussels airport, Zavantem.

ICTS also has its bloody fingers in ports and in cargo carriers like FedEx and DHL, providing a perfect way to sneak in a WMD and blow up GOYIM.

And they have an extensive presence in the corporate world, providing yet another way to make things go BOOM.

All 9/11 roads and most of the other 'Jewhadist' terror attacks lead to Israel. When will this mad dog finally be neutered?

Be careful exposing these Zionist thugs activity, or you'll get sued!


  1. Israel is a people.....

    of delusional psychopaths who claim to be the Jewish people...
    from the land of GOG & MAGOG who "converted to Talmudic Judaism"
    and MUST HATE Jesus to be "Jewish"....

    there is only ONE source for "Terrorism" on Earth...
    the Jesus hating economic terrorists who make FILTHY LUCRE on
    their AGENDA....of mass murder for profit....DUH !!!

    it is arguably the only rational excuse for their having ownership
    of the currency printing press, the "JEWISH" so-called "MEDIA"
    and the mass mind control machine AKA...TALMUDVISION and
    a "JEWISH" state of ruthless blood thirsty Jesus haters
    called "JEWS" who are immune from prosecution simply because they
    are Jesus hating...."JEWS" with a TALMUD.

    fortunately TRUTH is not on vacation in another Universe, and
    all people on Earth have a front row seat to the end of times
    when by SELF JUDGEMENT the TARES are harvested and put into
    the OVENS OF TRUTH @ Matthew 13:39-43....


    SEE AIPAC and the CANDIDATES fawning @ the feet of MAMMON,
    or JEW WORSHIPPING with unbridled enthusiasm....and not just for

    JEWTOPIA is for JEWTARDS....!



  2. The Islamic state did it. They do everything. It seems they particular enjoy to burn people with is forbidden in Islam. They burned the Jordanian pilot alive. UNHEARD OF. They put churches and Mosques on fire (not synagogues) they attack everyone (not Jews).
    Bastard ISIS. We need to wipe them out everywhere. They are everywhere.

  3. Yes, ISIS is also wiping out evidence of Arabic and Muslim ancient civilizations in the ME so they can establish that Muslim Caliphate?

    Another Jew lie that makes no sense but makes for a good sound bite.

  4. That's a funny thing...a Caliphate can't just elect itself and these guys aren't even Arab! They're not from the region they are destroying. They are not of the people. Muslims are more afraid of them than anyone! The world is too ignorant. Fat beer hogs. They're never going to get it.
    btw I want you to watch the Sibel Edmonds video I posted about Brussels. The whoooole thing.


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