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International Airports at Risk for the Next Israeli False Flag

"All the problems we face are secondary to what is really a primary biological problem. When the primary biological problem is addressed, the other problems will disappear. The primary problem is parasitic infestation, kill the parasites and problems caused by the parasites disappear. You do not extinguish a fire by collecting the smoke in bags."

Jim Stone
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For starters, let's take a quick look at the Israeli masterminded False Flag at the Brussels airport. The 'security' at Zaventem airport is provided by an Israeli company, ICTS International, which also provided 'security' at the Dulles, Logan, and Newark airports used to pull off 9/11, thru one of its subsidiaries, Huntleigh.

CCTV cameras are everywhere now days, to keep us GOYIM safe from threats, allegedly, so where's the HD video of the Brussels airport blast? All we got was a grainy video that was later shown to be from an attack on a Russian airport, so where's the HD video of the Brussels attack False Flag?
And why when these attacks happen are the pics were offered always missing the date and time stamp?

I bet the company providing that 'security, the Israeli company ICTS International would know!
The main subsidiaries of ICTS International include the I-SEC international Security Group, Huntleigh USA and AU10TIX.

I-SEC specializes in the provision of advanced aviation security services worldwide, which include security consulting and security handling: security profiling, checkpoint screening, hold baggage screening ("HBS"), X-ray operator training and integrated services. I-SEC's management and key personnel are developers of pioneering aviation concepts, methods and technologies, focusing primarily on high-risk environments. I-SEC has operations in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Japan and Russia. I-SEC was established in 2005 as the aviation security arm of the ICTS International. PI (Procheck International) is a subsidiary of I-SEC.

Huntleigh USA provides airport ground services in the USA. Such services include charter flight and cargo security screening, aircraft search, guard services, airlines' agents, queue monitors, aircraft cleaning, ramp and below-the-wing services, skycap, wheelchair attendants, baggage handling, etc.

AU10TIX offers a front-end solution meeting the security and regulatory compliance requirements of the financial services sector, including Section 326 of the USA Patriot Act. AU10TIX's front-end solution incorporates unique features, such as dynamic questionnaire, developed on the basis of ICTS's experience in detection of suspicious signs and in advanced document checks
As for the last entity, AU10TIX, it sounds like some Judaic front to help steal and launder monies from the West.

Hillary Clinton's GIFT to ISIS; Brand New 4WD Toyota Pickups!
ISconvoy photo ISISconvoy_zpsnzq5rxj2.jpg
ICTS International and its two subsidiaries, ISEC and PI, provide security services to the Schiphol airport, United Airlines and US Airways. The firm's security system came under scrutiny and as part of the international investigation into how Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was able to board Northwest Airlines Flight 253 with explosive materials.

ICTS' subsidiary, Huntleigh, shared security duties at Boston's Logan Airport on September 11, 2001, where two of the four planes hijacked for use in the attacks originated. According to Logan Airport officials, the company provided gate and baggage security services for United Airlines.
Timing is everything. AKA as setting the stage for 9/11!

In 1998, ICTS International N.V. made a strategic decision to focus on the US market. The following year, it acquired Huntleigh USA Corp., which provides airline passenger screening services at 47 US airports, including all the international aviation gateways in the USA.

As for the airports next on Israeli's list to False Flag, any airports in The Netherlands, France, Germany, UK, Spain, Hungary, Romania and Russia that are getting 'security' from ICTS are at risk.

Israel is PO that the BDS movement is gaining traction, with American churches now getting behind the effort to make Israel face reality. And Jew Inc doesn't take kindly to others pointing out their multitude of sins. They expect, no, demand us GOY worship that Apartheid State of Hate and when we don't, they remind us who's the Boss.

Wanna see how thoroughly Jew Inc has taken over the MSM? Click on this search for "American churches supporting BDS" and see how many pro-Israel articles flood the search results.

'Shoe Bomber' Richard Reid spends a week in Tel Aviv training
for his attempt to bring down an American airliner. And flies out of an ICTS run airport, Schiphol, which is a MOSSAD hub for smuggling illegal drugs and 'Jewhadists' into Europe and into the USA.

All 9/11 Airports Serviced by One Israeli Owned Company

A Terrorist's Wildest Dream

All 9/11 roads and most of the other 'Jihadist' terror attacks lead to Israel. When will this mad dog finally be neutered?

42 Actual Graphic Photos Of The DRILL Before The Recent Terror Attack At Brussels

Beware of the Israeli outfit "United Hatzalah" who has the uncanny ability to be on the scene of these attacks.


  1. Thank you for your excellent blog.

    The interesting thing about the Brussels hoax is that the airport had been undergoing extensive,expensive, renovations for years. Listening to some interviews of non-crisis actors, I heard people say that they did hear a sort of loud sound, but they were told it was just part of the renovation work. Real videos of the airport show people going about their business as usual.

    Like so many hoaxes, there is no evidence of a single dead body, or any real injuries, as anyone who has ever worked in an ER or who has a brain can tell. There was more realism in the Euro drill that preceded this non event, that was staged in Kent England. So, it is a false flag on in the sense that it blames the wrong people, but it is really a hoax.

    They do not allow any time/date stamps because anyone would instantly figure out it was fake, as they have made that error with other hoaxes and with go fund me pages put up before the "tragedy".

    Views from inside the "airport" show some smoke and mint condition luggage, a few actors and at least one dummy. The windows are intact in the inside view, but outside photos show photo shopped glass shards in one section, not real safety glass such as would be at an airport. What passes for news is just poorly scripted stories badly acted by paid idiots before a camera in an American TV studio. Hundreds of cell phones with everyone constantly on them, and not one photo of the so called event? Really?

    All the "iconic" photos came from one "reporter" (who is really a Jewish NATO insider) who said she was five feet from a bomb, completely unscathed, while the peripatetic "Mason Wells" was 15 meters (as if any American would say that) away and got some fancy bandages, and completely different ones depending which propaganda outlet you read.

    All this is to divert, like a David Copperfield act, from the reality of Jew,Inc.'s bloodbath in the Middle East and to scare the sheep into further submission.


  2. "42 Actual Graphic Photos Of The DRILL Before The Recent Terror Attack At Brussels"

    Just thinking...for terrorism, isn't just easier to really bomb a place and really kill and injure people? It makes more sense to me than all the painstaking fakery. It's not as if real terrorists mind real blood. The masterminds get off on the human sacrifice...always have...

  3. A quote from Kay Griggs:
    "You see, our mob, organized crime, the Jewish cabalist group who don't believe in God really, or they do. They look at God as a Cabala kind of thing and the opposite of good is bad and they have to get rid of all the good people and kill them. You know, I mean they really do this. They're killing people who are good on purpose, and they get Brownie points with their little cult."


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