Friday, March 11, 2016

Israel Murders Children While Their Rabbis Encourage the IDF to Rape Little Girls

American Tax Dollars at Work, Helping Israel Commit Genocide of the Native Palestinians.
They are pure of heart and focused entirely on serving the good of the majority, the good of the nation. I see undeniable equivalency between the young female resistors’ mindset and the model citizen that President Kennedy was constantly referring to.

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The World's Most Moral Army at Work, Doing What they do Best; Murdering Children
3.11.16_gaz photo Gazchild_zpstib96hzq.jpg
Oh yes they most certainly do! YouTube be my witness, Israel kills Palestinian girls. In broad daylight, on film, and in cold blood.

Street executions of Palestinian teen girls are on the rise. Some of these executed girls had nothing to do with the Knife Intifada. Often, knives are planted posthumously beside tiny corpses; or else they’re planted on innocent Palestinian girls who then get carted off to jail for an alleged failed stabbing. And the ones who were out on a mission to stab Israeli soldiers, (a mindblowingly brave endeavor!), well, no doubt a nifty Krav Maga maneuver by a trained Israeli soldier could easily disarm a thin-wristed waif wielding a kitchen knife. No? Surely a copiously trained soldier would be able to expertly kick a paltry knife out of a small girl’s hand, no? Evidently not. We note, therefore, the excessive new level of fatal force used against Palestinian girls.

But why are Israel soldiers targeting Palestinian girls for State execution? They are murdering Palestinian girls because they are absolutely petrified of them. Straight up, they’re scared of their wombs and fecundity. Scared of Palestinian girls because they are in fact the very source of their much feared demographic time-bomb: that unsung symbol of ultimate feminine resistance. Palestinian teen girls are the flower of the future of Palestine. They are the shinning, immutable pulse of their nation – the perpetual lightning flash of hope cocooned in the nation’s solar plexus. Without Palestinian teen girls, a Palestinian nation tomorrow is not possible. They are the ever tender vessel of the future; the sacred child guru capable of healing a wounded and looted nation. They are the fragile and gifted terrestrial magician who will soon enough manifest and materialize a whole and wholesome Palestinian state. Without their natural gifts and their healthy presence in Palestinian communities, there would be absolutely no hope for a future Palestinian nation.

She is brave and her small shoulders are uniquely capable. She is politically mature and well informed for her age – she is steadfast and resolute in her resistance and most certainly, she is not waiting on Hilary’s feminist intervention to liberate her and her occupation-trodden sisterhood.

Palestinian teen girls really are quintessentially the essence of absolutely everything that is Palestine. The tender, vestal linchpin in every Palestinian home and hearth.

No wonder then that they represent a high security threat to the Zionist State. No wonder they are secretly regarded as a high security threat ranking alongside Hezbollah and Hamas.
Here's what the sick fuck Israeli Storm Troopers are scared of:

Can you imagine being forced to grow up in this Israeli state sanctioned brutality?

Here's what the sick fuck Israeli Storm Troopers want to destroy, with help from the Jew MSM that always show Israeli in a positive light while demeaning Palestinians.

In this video, the tough Israeli Storm Troopers beat up on a Palestinian women and little girl. Almost looks like it was filmed in some American ghetto, with our police beating up on someone who didn't salute the thugs.

Here's more links showing what kind of sick twisted and depraved psychos the IDF Storm Troopers really are:

This is how sick that nation of thieves, liars, false flag experts, corruptors, back-stabbers and Satan worshipers is; they kill little Palestinian girls, when they're not busy raping them, on the orders of one of their sicko Rabbis.

Without a doubt, the most sickest, vile and depraved nation on Earth.

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  1. The video is heartbreaking. You are absolutely right, the Zios are pursuing a policy of killing Palestinian children because they know that the children are the future of Palestine. They imagine that they can nip it in the bud by killing the children. They are wrong: it is they who have no future. Alien interlopers, outsiders having no connection to the land of any kind, their days are numbered.


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