Thursday, March 31, 2016

Jews Are the Real Suicide Bombers; Video of One Detonating Himself

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Israel is PO that the BDS is starting to gain traction with large churches and is lashing out. Israel is PO that Iran is now trading with many European nations. And Israel is PO that Syria didn't get wiped off the map, and is sending out teams of MOSSAD trained suicide bombers to plant HE in certain places, like airports, but some of these JEWhadists get clumsy and blow themselves up before getting to the blast target;

The March 19 bomb blast in Istanbul. This is a really good one. A dual citizen Israeli-American named Yonathan Suher who was supposedly touring Istanbul with other Israelis, carries explosives which he planned on casing and detonating in a public location somewhere in Turkey. Fortunately, the explosives inside him detonate prematurely. Thankfully, only him and two other Israelis, and an unlucky Iranian passerby died in the blast.

Oh Shit! Damn, he go BOOM! You can tell by the way the JEWhadist is walking he's carrying some type of explosive that will be planted somewhere and then remotely detonated, but Yonni fucks up and blew himself to hell and gone.

We know it was for sure an Israeli attempt at another attack at some GOYIM when Israeli CRIME MINISTER Nuttyahoo immediately blamed Islamic State, which most people know now is a front setup by western intelligence agencies to advance the Zionist cause of endless war in the ME so Israel can steal most of Syria and Iraq and all of Gaza, which were not supposed to notice, since we'll be too busy cheering on the bombing campaign of Gazan homes after just so many of these ISIS False Flags against the West.

The International press keeps harping about "suicide bombings" in Paris, Brussels, and Turkey but CCTV footage shows remote controlled bombings or timed detonations. The same thing happened in the Madrid bombings as well.
Suicide Bombings are Really Remote Detonations

For the past few decades, we've all been hearing about "Islamic suicide bombings" from the International Jewish/Zionist owned press. But how many of them were really Kamikazes?

It seems that the Mossad along with former elements of the Ultra-Nationalist Ergenekon/Military Intelligence organization want to seize power in Turkey again since the country has become a major economic powerhouse in Europe - competing with France, Germany, and the United Kingdom since 2002 when it was just only slightly better than a third world sewage nation like Bangladesh.

Turkey has reached First World Status (with its GDP jumping from 200 Billion USD to almost 1 Trillion Dollars Currently) just like the rest of Europe and has paid off a good chunk of its public debt to the International Jewish Bankers - and these Financial terrorists don't like seeing prosperity and success amongst the goyim - and nonetheless a European Muslim country at that.
Here's what Congress and the WH is sending our kids off to fight and die for and why our infrastructure is falling apart, due to no money being spent on maintenance while Congress spends trillions and trillions subsidizing Israel and fighting these endless wars.

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BONUS! Video of some psycho-killer Israelis shooting up Paris back in November of 2015!

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