Friday, March 25, 2016

Photo-Blog of Israeli Special Forces Training!

This one shows the "OZ Brigade" training to sneak into Gaza and deal with those pesky Palestinian kids and their mothers!

03.15.16 photo IDF1_zpstfmrparo.png

This one show the "Shaldag Unit" training to send units into Lebanon and deal with those who think Lebanon should keep its River Litani water. Israel needs that river to replace the river we killed.

IDF_1 photo ZOF_Train_zpsk6hcen2v.png

This pic shows IDF troops in the "Sayeret Matkal" training on a beach near Tel Aviv to seek revenge against those uppity Hezbollah types who dare try and protect their homeland.

IDF2 photo IDF2_zpsqaliaj0i.png

And this one shows a successful operation concluding with a large blast to celebrate the success of Shayetet 13 teaching those uppity Americans who's the boss!

9.4.14 photo wTc_zps54f0de0c.jpg

And finally, another very successful American operation back on November 22, 1963 by our Kidon. That op has been paying off Big Time ever since. American politicians know better than to ask questions.

jfk assassination photo: JFK jfk.gif


  1. When Zionism is finished off perhaps there will be a statue of a Jewish monster for all to see for the future generations. There's already a few.

  2. I like how you think, Genie!

    They ain't gonna go easy, either. Lately I have been watching The Walking Dead and, to be honest, I feel as war weary as those apocalyptic fighting heroes.

    I watch it and every zombie is another talmudized person in one shape or another..... Keep your ice pick handy.

  3. Reblogged

  4. Yeah, but teaching the kids satanic black (bs) magic is fun!

    Throw in gratuitous sex, emphasizing homo and lesbo, rinse with just about everybody on drugs or booze, backstabbing, lying and cheating....sprinkle
    in Tolkien, Harry Potter, and Stephen King....what's to dislike? Jews baiting children must be a merit badge in Hell.

  5. Remember Marathon Man, where the sadist was a Nazi and his poor victim a Jew?


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