Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The JWO Used Trickery to Try and Steal Missouri's Primary Votes

Here's the Republican presidential ballot offered yesterday, March 15 in Missouri. Notice anything odd? Eight of the 12 candidates had already dropped out, some a long time ago, yet were still on the ticket.

What a wonderful way to drain votes away from someone a certain group of war mongers and land thieves don't want to win. In a race as close as it was in Missouri, having non-existent candidates drain off over 20,000 votes in a race where the winner was decided by less than 2,000 votes is a big difference.

 photo repubpresballot_zps8sicbact.png

Guess it helps if the Secretary of State, Jason Kander is a BIG friend of Hillary the Monster.

I filed a complaint with Hillary's bitch in Missouri, but it won't go anywhere.



  2. And this story about a Seattle chosen one and con artist Benjamin Rogovy, who got busted for charging for prayers (fraudulently) online under the name Christian Prayer Center

    Formerly, he was the architect of Bumvertising

    "The practice of displaying ads on homeless people developed around 2005 in Seattle, when privileged 22-year-old entrepreneur Benjamin Rogovy trademarked the offensive term “bumvertising” and began offering the humiliating concept as a promotional service. Rogovy advises “derelicts” with a list of tips—staying “relatively sober,” for example, is important to encourage repeat donations, since “the customer is always right.” A sign-holder should also obey “all regional laws and bum codes” and present an unsoiled sign so as not to “significantly affect his revenue stream.”

  3. ha! Put that post in twitter.

  4. Twitter? Don't have an account and probably won't get one.

    Not a fan of 140 count sound bites.

  5. Speaking of theft, this guy is stealing my stuff

  6. I like twitter for the headlines.


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