Sunday, April 17, 2016

Erdogan, You're An Asshole, a Lout, an Imbecile and a CO*KS*CK*R!

Whatever German comedian Jan Böhmermann's wrote about Turkey's Imperial Highness Majesty El Supremo King ErdoGOATn, it shouldn't get him arrested for the High Crime of Free Speech.

Yes, Erdogan, Lord High of all Turks, I'm talking to you BOY. Seems like you can't take a joke, and don't like people using their free speech rights.

NO surprise there, asshole fascist shitheads like yourself always go after those who dare speak up, they rather see those lips used to kiss your fat, smelly, unwiped ass. Which would be a problem since you'd first have to remove your head from your rectal canal while your K9 lover barks in a lusty manner.

In fact, you're such a spineless pussy, you hike up your skirts, shriek and run to Mommy when someone makes a joke about you, like German comedian Jan Böhmermann's poem did. News story first, then the actual video:

First of all
, I think the content of Jan Böhmermann's controversial poem, which he presented on the ZDF television show "Neo Magazin Royale," is a jab below the belt.

Seated before the Turkish flag and a portrait of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Böhmermann alleges the president of, among other things, sex with goats and sheep. The comedian also claimed that Erdogan loves to "repress minorities, kick Kurds and beat Christians while watching child porn."

There's no question about the tastelessness of the poem. Nevertheless, it's clearly a piece of satire. What else would it be?
Sex with goats? What a lie, everyone in Europe knows Erdogan likes a good roll in the hay with a mare that's been drinking German beer. And as for you getting sodomized by a really frisky stallion, no wonder you had to visit the doctor and get some stitches to your rectum!

Here's a comment from the video page that nicely say it all:

Kenny VI3 Erdogan is the biggest buffoon in politics, and the criminal world. His narcissism and stupidity are beyond any means to measure. The good people of Turkey can only sit and hope his evil catches up with him, sooner rather than later.

But ErdoGOATn, did you know I came to your rescue? People were telling me you like to eat bananas, while beating up little girls and watching pornography and I said that can't be ture!

Because ErdoGOATn doesn't like bananas!

What's even sadder is that the German people are still putting up with that shithead Merkel, whose sold them down the river to Zionists who want to wreck that nation they hate so much. Germans, rise up and shed your Zionist shackles and walk Merkel to the nearest prison...or scaffolding, that's up to the people of Germany, not the EU, not NATO and certainly not Uncle Tom Obama.

P.S. ErdoGOATn, Here's a grooming tip! Carry some Kleenex with you so you can wipe your lover Netenyahu's spunk off your face before appearing in public! And those carpenters will be by this week to build that luxury kennel for our favorite four-legged bitch lover, the one you were worried about impregnating until you found out human and dog DNA don't mix.

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  1. Best source on Erdogan (er-do-wan) is via Sibel Edmonds.


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