Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Jew Tells the Truth About the Holocaust Fraud

This past week, HBO had on something by Claude Lanzmann on how he created his propaganda doc, "Spectres of the Shoah." It was the premiere, so I watched to see the latest batch of holohoax lies, but got bowled over by a big dose of truth.

At the beginning, an off-screen voice asks Claude why he made a movie about the holocaust biggest fraud of the 20th Century and he replied using the official line, that six million Jews died in the Shoah and that's all he knew about the subject.

He didn't know all the holohoax stories about shrunken heads, or gas chambers in Germany or Jew skin being used to make lampshades or giant electrical mats used to kill Jews or Jew ashes used to make soap and on and on?

How can that be, when Claude was born in Paris in 1925 and that his family went into hiding there during WWII? If that's the case, Claude should of been filled with all sorts of holohoax horror stories not only from his time in Paris during WWII, but after, when friends, relatives and neighbors returned to Paris after the war. Yet he knew NOTHING about the biggest fraud of the 20th Century?

For Claude to say he knew nothing about the Shoah was mind boggling. Since I wanted to get his exact words, watched the program again two days later and found that Jew Inc had gotten to HBO and had them delete Claude's statement that he knew nothing about the biggest fraud of the 20th Century.

All they had to do was to call HBO head Richard PLEPLER and tell him to get rid of the truth, which was done, Claude's comments about not knowing anything about the shoal were wiped from the doc.

Or maybe they went to HBO's owner, Time Warner and told Jeff BEWKES to get that truth off the air.

And why is the mind fuck only being released now to Western audiences when it was spawned over 30 years ago? Because Jew Inc needed to 'fine-tune' the lies to make them believable and to wait until the Jews had nearly absolute control of the media, the banks and most importantly, the USA.

Hopefully, some Americans who watched the original showing saw Claude's saying he knew nothing about an event that he lived thru while living in Paris during WWII and the Holocaust™ fables.

But maybe not. The Hollywood movie machine, also run by Jews, has trained Americans to think that rampant nudity, gory violence and soft-core porno is actually entertainment to be enjoyed, while all it does it rot one's mind and blacken your soul.

Plus, they've also been trained to immediately tear up and start wailing as if in pain when they hear Holocaust™ LIES, which also shuts down your ability to think clearly, since your too busy feeling sorrow and wondering how much money you should donate to some Holocaust™ huckster while calling your Senator and demanding that Israel be given more money and weapons.

But we can hope that some who watched saw Claude's statement and are now starting to question the six million Holocaust™ lies.


  1. The Yids are doing everything in their power, which they yield unabashedly, to sanitize, cloud, hide, disinform, etc, to hide their crimes against the world.

    Not only are they doing their best to hide crimes, but reinventing the societal minds of Gentiles with their perversion.

    The article from The Ugly Truth or TUT is worth reading. I will add a link below.

    The techniques and belief system used by Communists and Judaism/Talmudism against Gentiles are so closely linked, it explains why so many Jews were Communists. The name has changed. The ideology remained the same.

  2. Jews Tell the Truth About the Holocaust

    Oh lol, I see that Lee is recommending something I put up at TUT the other day. Too funny.

  3. Interesting how you can catch some piece of truth only to go back and find it gone. It's happened to me SO many times.

  4. When that happened and so quickly, it truly brought out their unlimited power to shape reality.

  5. Noor: Yes indeed I am. I thought I recognized the name, but was not sure.

    Good reporting and investigation on your part.



  6. Here's a new Fauxlocaust story published by NYPost.

    Same hallmark consistency of logic as in all Fauxlocaust concoctions. It claims that infernal tortures were visited upon male Jews in the hospitals of the concentration camps by bestial German doctors. (The very presence of hospitals in the "death camps" where the Jews were supposed to be exterminated as fast as possible had to be explained somehow...) Ground glass and bacteria were inserted into the wounds made in the inmates' bodies in order to infect them faster and study the effect. (The direct link to Hitler is there too.... he had lost a friend to gangrene and wanted to get to the bottom of this medical issue...)
    Yet, they say, the experiments on Jewish men stopped after a while and were switched to women because.... (drum roll), the Jewish men COMPLAINED too much.
    Among the grotesquely humorous Fauxlocaust lies, this is a keeper.
    Oy, vey, who can torture properly a man who kvetches?
    If here was one thing those beastly Nazis could not take it was a Jew complaining.


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