Friday, May 20, 2016

Israel Electronically Hijacked EgyptAir 804

The Zionist psyops BBS--Bullshit Broadcasting Services--have been babbling about EgyptAir 804 around the clock, which is one indication this was some kind of Israeli False Flag.

Two, the story they've been pushing has kept changing and evolving, another indication of an Israeli False Flag.

Three, WHERE'S THE PLANE'S 'BLACK BOX' RECORDERS which would give second-by second details of what happened and should be screaming their rescue beeps constantly and in and easy to find area, the Med, not some broad expanse of the Pacific or Indian Ocean, another sign it was an Israeli False Flag.

No wreckage, and no black box signals most likely means this jet was hijacked by Israel. Like Mr. Stone points out in his blog, the way the plane was heading South, then jerked 90 degrees to the left, then 360 degrees to the right would point the passenger jet right at Israel.

What are those sick and twisted Khazar psychos up to now, just another of their blood sacrifices or did they want something or someone to steal on that jet?

This plane supposedly "went down in the Mediterranean." Not out in the middle of the Atlantic, not out in the Pacific, it went down in EVERYONE'S BACK YARD. There is no conceivable way the debris trail was not photographed clearly AT DAYBREAK. Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Russia, Italy, and many other countries could have had a fighter jet to the scene in less than an hour, and Egypt, Russia and Israel could have had one there in 10 minutes. Even helicopters could have been there in a half hour. No clear debris photos ALREADY means they are hoaxing this and Israel probably has the plane.


My all but final conclusion: Plane electronically hijacked and landed in Israel. A 90 degree turn to the left, followed by a 360 degree turn equals a 90 degree turn to the left, which would be STRAIGHT TOWARDS ISRAEL. Adding to that no debris found despite the plane "going down in everyone's back yard" cinches it.

EgAi804 photo 804_zps85ujkojb.jpg

The latest reports simply have the pilots going silent, no fire ball, no debris, just a sudden change of course and drop in altitude with de-activated transponder and the same silent pilots we saw with MH370. CONCLUSION: The plane was diverted to Israel. It had no fuel to go elsewhere, and no one else could have done this. After showing a sudden turn towards Israel and sudden dive of the aircraft, the radar was blanked at around 20,000 feet, just like MH370. Unlike MH370, this plane was so close to the airport it would have been seen at less than 5,000 feet. If it disappeared from radar at 20,000 the way MH370 did . . . . . .JAMMER because the radar in the area was too close to the scene of disappearance for this to happen this time around, even if the plane fell in pieces it would have been tracked, in pieces to the water. 66 people aboard. HMMMMMMMMM . . . 66 people aboard. Down from an originally reported 69. Yep. The newly missing 3 people are probably who Israel was after. Time to find out if those 3 air marshals reported to be aboard were provided by Israeli security companies! THEY WOULD BE NEEDED TO THREATEN THE PASSENGERS AND CONFISCATE CELL PHONES AND MAKE THREATS TO PREVENT PASSENGERS FROM MAKING PHONE CALLS AFTER THE PLANE WAS FORCED DOWN IN EITHER TEL AVIV OR SOME HELL BASE IN THE ISRAELI DESERT. BINGO, I THINK WE MIGHT HAVE IT, DEBRIS TRAIL OR THAT IS THE STORY. WHY THREE AIR MARSHALS FOR 56 PASSENGERS? BINGO!!!!

QUESTION: How do you revise the number of passengers and crew from 69 to 66 after the plane took off? Common core boarding log math tabulators???? How does that type of number, which is set in stone at the boarding booth get changed later? ISRAELI SHOOT DOWN, OR ISRAELI ELECTRONIC HIJACKING, that's how. The missing 3 people ARE WHO THEY WERE AFTER.


This morning, there are reports of 804's wreckage being found.

Amazing that yesterday, a clear day in that part of the Med, commercial boats and ships, plus the US Navy and NATO ships assigned to "Operation Phoenix Reserve" were also looking for the debris, along with jets, planes and helicopters, so much congestion in the Med, they probably could've used a traffic cop, yet NOTHING was found?

Lo and behold, night comes and goes and today, we have wreckage being sighted. Which tells me that Israel electrically hijacked 804, landed it in their parasitic state, took what they wanted off the jet, then busted it up and had helicopters dispense the debris overnight, in the cover of darkness, while pretending to be searching for debris.

Either that or it's another random act of horrific violence, used by Israel and her central bankers to instill terror and keep us GOY in a state of perpetual fear, so we'll be unable to think clearly and when we're offered a way to release all that pent-up stress induced by the fear, we gladly do so by lashing out at some Muslim nation Israel wants destroyed sot that bunch of sick fucks can expand their borders.

And to make the BDS movement people appear irrational, since it shows the world under constant attack from the same forces allegedly attacking Israel.

Either the world puts this rabid dog out of its misery, or the world will perish from Israeli madness.


Now they're blabbering about an oil slick. Hell, they'd have a better chance of seeing Grace Slick.

This wasn't a Halliburton or BP oil rig that busted open, but a passenger jet, coming in for a landing, that would be low on fuel.
Any oil or fuel would of either sunk, been busted up by wave action or spread out over 100's of miles after 30+ hours of being in the water.

But France can now extend it's emergency laws, Israel can go and kill some more Palestinians and steal more land and the central bankers know they've done a good job of scaring us GOYIM again, so we'll be kept stupid and in a state of perpetual fear, and easily pliable, open for any suggestion of more wars and "Hey, we didn't see this economic crash coming, honest!"
And now that Canada has wisely rejected Jew Inc's attempt to muzzle free speech by making VERBOTEN any BDS activity, there's no longer any need to scare the GOYIM into thinking those damn jihadists are everywhere, even the bottom of the Mediterranean.

Besides, the weekend's here and in the words of that immortal philosopher, GW Bush, just go out and shop and spend money you don't have on shiny trinkets you don't need.

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  1. I think it is more likely that the plane was diverted to a UK military airbase in Cyprus, as the UK is controlled by Israel.


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