Sunday, May 22, 2016

More Evidence that Egypt Air 804 Was Electronically Hijacked and Piloted to Israel

First, take a look at the so-called wreckage from EA 804. Notice the "Egypt Air" sticker in the middle? Notice how smooth, clean and free of any marks, or scuffing or fire or smoke smudges? In fact, if you look close enough, you can see the rivets in the corner holding the tag onto the piece of wreckage that has all sorts of scratches, scuffs, distortions, paint scraped off, etc. So why does that tag look so virgin, that it was probably attached to a piece of some wreckage, then flown out at night and dumped into the Med so it could be 'found' the next morning.

Ea_804 photo EA804_zpsdx9ewnaa.png

I have insomnia, a nasty leftover from my career firefighting days, so early the morning of the wreck disappearance electronic hijacking of 804, couldn't sleep, to turned on the Boob Tube and saw the first reports psyops lies being shoveled into the GOYIM universe.

One expert on either FAUX N*** or ZNN asked and answered his own questions about the flight crew, had they spent too much time flying the past week and were exhausted or was the plane being flown too much w/o a maintenance break?

I can still hear him say that EgyptAir 804 had been to a number of airports in the past week, one in Tunisia and one in BRUSSELS. Yes, that Brussels, were another Zionist False Flag was set off back in March at Zaventem, Belgium. Zaventem, like Charles de Gaulle in Paris, has security provided by the Israeli firm ICTS.

Later that same day, tried to find that video about 804 landing at Zaventeem, but it had disappeared.

That's two stops EA 804 made at Israeli controlled airports, and now it's 'missing' and the flight recorders are still missing?

How is that possible that a passport of one of the hijackers that was part of the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag survived the crash, a huge explosion and fireball, the crashing down of 80 or so storied with thousands of tons of rubble that that little 'ol paper passport survived that Hell, to be 'found' by the FBI?

But they can't find a fucking 60 ton passenger jet that we're told, crashed into the Mediterranean, which some describe as 'Europe's Lake?'

Some argue that it was a missile
that took down EA 804, if so, where's the satellite photos of that happening? Occupied America has spy satellites stationed all over the ME, to look down and protect the Zionist Jew Terrorist State, so if a missile did hit 804, they've got photos. Those American bought and paid for satellites hovering like a protective Mother over a bastard child, Israel, are there to give our 'buddies' an early warning in case any of Israel's neighbors start getting uppity and think they too have the right to defend themselves.

There are reports that France had extra security personnel on 804, but France is denying that and since France is also under World Jewry occupation, we might never find out if there were extra marshals on 804.
Or maybe those extra 'security' personnel were Israeli's from their plane hijacking unit, Sayeret Matkal, who had security personnel on the day of 9/11 flying on Flight UA 175 and Flight AA 11. Gee, what a coincidence!

Others say a timed bomb could of been snuck on-board, but that type of device is tricky, since delays in takeoff or flight could have the bomb detonate some place where it wasn't supposed to, like Scotland.

The best bet is the usual suspects
, the ones who have to fill their lust for Gentile blood on a regular basis or they'll start acting like a heroin junkie going into withdrawal.

Will flight recorders ever be found and if they are, will they be kept under security, on a 'need to know' basis and brother, you don't need to know.

One more thought: Most military planes have black box recorders that are designed to float, but not the ones on civilian planes. AirBus is in favor of making this happen, but their closest competitor, Boeing, is dead-set against that.


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