Friday, May 13, 2016

Photo-Blog of Israeli Terror Visited Upon the Native Palestinians Daily

"Look out Abe and Shlomo, those girls might be packing a rocket!"5.13.16 photo isrr_zpsgevsedec.png

"According to Betty Nuttyahoo, the only good Palestinian is a dead one.." .16 photo ist_zpsworvhhpf.jpg

The world's most moral army at work, doing what they do best, going up against kidsmay16 photo Isterr_zpszo6yrrqs.png

may2016 photo IsLG_zpsj7hsztwd.png

And in the end, it's always the same, sadistic IDF goons brutally murder Palestinians on a daily basis while Zio-lackeys in the West defend Israel's murderous activities.

1.11.16 photo Paleo_12.5.15_zpsovis5w2m.jpg


  1. Inspired by Bibi's "Ask Netanyahu" campaign?

    I gotta run with this one. THanks for the link!

  2. That did play a part. Loved reading the love Nuttyahoo got from his 'fans!'

  3. 5 dancing shlomosMay 14, 2016 at 2:19 AM

    what those beautiful young girls are packing are decency, humanity, life.

    these are an existential threat to the diseased parasite.

  4. The good Zionist is a ---- -------

  5. "The good Zionist is a ---- -------?"

    Is a pig fucker? Or rapes little girls onboard Jew billionaire jets?


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