Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Host and The Parasite: How Israel's Fifth Column Consumed America

The U.S. republic founded in 1776 bears no resemblance to the anti-democratic police state that has declared war on its citizens, and provokes needless wars in the Middle East at the behest of Israel. At the center of it all is the parasitic control of the Israel Lobby on the U.S. government. The Host and The Parasite shows how the Lobby, evangelical Christians and neo-cons rode to power in the 1980s and proceeded to turn the United States into Israel's willing executioner.

Greg Felton is an investigative journalist specializing in the Middle East, Canadian politics, the media and language. He holds a Master's Degree in political science from the University of British Columbia and speaks French, Russian and Mandarin. For six years he wrote a political column for the monthly Arabic/English Canadian Arab News, and his articles have appeared on rense.com, dissidentvoice.com, whatreallyhappened.com, informationclearinghouse.info, and in Middle East Times, Tehran Times, and other publications

Israel the parasite state, where 88,000 millionaires and billionaires, out of a nation of 5 million plus, while 34% of their citizens live in poverty.

America, subverted from within, conquered without firing a shot. Most Americans not only don't mind being slaves, they enjoy all the free time their mind has, freed from serious thought. Free to fill their mind with meaningless sports stats, which they dispense at the local sports bar, while those around you marvel at your intellect.

Free to dwell on the Kardashian clan; free to watch endless hours of HDTV, since that requires no thought.

Free to give all of this to your children, who will be born into slavery.

Loyalty to Jew Inc doesn't come without a price, as these children at a Jew Summer Camp found out the HARD way.

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