Monday, May 23, 2016

Why Are There So Many Dual Citizenship Israeli/American Jews Running the US Government? Part 1

Yes, I'm guilty of 'Thought Crime' for daring to ask this about our Yid Overlords. If you figure out that question, then you'll know why we're bogged down in endless ME and African wars while our nation's infrastructure falls apart.

Back in 1967, the Supreme Court Rules in favor of dual-citizenship Israeli Jew who had lied during the case proceedings about voting in Israel, which he then admitted and then, lied about what a great American he was!

Up till then, being a citizen of another nation and voting in their elections would of gotten your US citizenship stripped, but when it comes to our Yid buddies, nothings impossible!

This was Beys Afroyim, whose real name was Ephraim Bernstein, Zionist, Israeli and a communist, but I'm getting redundant.

The Supremes ruled in favor of Bernstein on May 29, 1967 and to celebrate, a week later, Israel launched the illegal and unprovoked 1967 'Six Days War' against the Arab world with much support from her bitch, corrupt SOB POTUS Johnson.

5.23.16 photo HolySh_zps67fhl0a2.png

To start that war of aggression, Israel bleated that its neighbors were an 'existential' threat. Hmm, haven't we heard that before and again and again and...
“The 1967 war was neither defensive nor pre-emptive, but an outright taking of land, that one year later, Tel Aviv acknowledged as precisely what concerned the Pentagon 62 years ago,” wrote Jeff Gates.

“The entire story of the danger of extermination was invented in every detail and exaggerated a posteriori to justify the annexation of new Arab territory,” Mordecai Bentov, a member of wartime Israeli government, published in Israeli daily Al-Hamishmar, April 14, 1971.

“We were not threatened with genocide on eve of Six Day War, and we had never thought of such a possibility,” Gen. Haim Barlev (d. 1994), former Israeli chief of staff, admitted in 1972.
Wow, Israel can lie better than Beys Bernstein!
So many lies, so many deceits

Arguing the government's contention in Bernstein's case that being a dual citizen and voting in another nation's elections voided one's US citizenship was Thurgood Marshall, who had so many Yids on his staff, it reads like a Bar Mitzvah guest list!

It was a pitched battle, Yid vs Yid and guess who won?

And the goverment lost? Wow, who could of seen that coming?

"Whew," says dual citizenship, former IDF trooper, current Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and most likely, head of some department in HRM Hillary's psycho-butcher presidency. That IDF oath Emanuel took, professing loyalty to Israel, won't interfere with his grandiose schemes.

Israel’s unfettered access to NSA data

Secret NSA “Q” group sets out to distance Gov’t from involvement in 9/11


  1. curiously at no point in time have the Gog & Magog
    "PROSELYTES" to Talmudic Judaism ever been "Israel"

    Israel is a people and not a cult compound for psychopathic
    "JEWISH" zionist/bolshevik terrorist assholes calling themselves

    100% of modern day so-called "Jews" are not actually 'Israelites'

    maybe the braindeadgoy could stop being braindead just
    long enough to understand why the language has been weaponized
    by TALMUDVISION for the benefit of the MONEY CHANGERS & Pharisees
    who have a stool sculpture deity cult compound in Palestine
    called "ISRAEL" where no "Hebrews/Israelites" are residents...

    "Truth is a wall that you can't blow down and it won't be laughed away" -
    Harry Chapin

    all "Jews" and "Jew" worshippers are going into the OVENS of TRUTH
    and right soon



    1. Typical Krypto-jew BS. jew is a jew is a jew. Who tell's us who the jews were? jews. Never argue with a demonic jew. Never let a jew tell your history. Anyone claiming to be Gods "Chosen" people are a threat to ALL REAL Humans and such an enemy needs to die for they are sociopathic scumbags of the lowest order and that includes the latest jew gambit of promoting Blacks as the real isHellites chosen to further their war on whitey for their jew masters. Wake up goyim slaves of all collors.

  2. There is no business like jew business....♩♪♫
    There is no business like jew business....♩♪♫
    There is no business like jew business....♩♪♫
    There is no business like jew business...

    G_d's chosen peep on earth! G_d handpicked 'em to torment us until eternity.

  3. The short answer to the question in the title is...
    because the "Goyim" have fallen for the Divide and Rule shticks of the Jews and forgot how to be a nation. They are fighting among themselves according to the categories they were told they belong to: women against men, blacks vs whites, umpteen "genders" against the majority of "cis-gendered" men and women, democrats vs republicans (both led by Jews), etc. They are so busy destroying themselves they donpt notice they are--and have been for a long time-- owned by the Jews like cattle.

  4. Set to Musique....

  5. Only in Judaized America can a foreign citizen be aid to the President and "advise" him on issues dealing with the state of which he is a citizen:

  6. Ross is one of the worst SOB's, been in DC for decades, pretending to be an American when it's obvious where his loyalties lie.
    And always around when talks about subjugating Palestine are held.


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