Monday, May 16, 2016

"Why Do So Many People Hate America?"

Is it because we support only moderate terrorist groups in Syria, like these charming fellows?

5.14.16 photo syrdea_zpspbg2oevo.jpg

Or is it because we love, love, LOVE our bestest partner, ally and friend in the ME, Israel?

5.14.2016 photo IsPal_zpsqen6fun3.gif

Maybe it's because we sometimes use planes to deliver aid to the ME?

may2016 photo dronestrike_yemen_zpstg86jwqm.png

Or maybe it's because they actually hate our president, El Supremo Netenyahu?

may_2016 photo nutty_zpsu23o1njf.png

I bet it's because they're jealous of our country's infrastructure!
Six Ways America Is Like a Third-World Country

The United States infrastructure is slowly crumbling apart and is in desperate need for repair. One study estimates that our infrastructure system needs a $3.6 trillion investment over the next six years. In New York City, the development of Second Avenue subway line was first delayed by the outbreak of World War II; it's still not finished. In South Dakota, Alaska and Pennsylvania, water is still transported via century-old wooden pipes.


  1. America is an idea...

    that all the Kings horses and all the Kings men
    will never make whole again....

    The tares must be rounded up and put directly into the ovens of Truth.
    {Matthew 13:39-43} ...That is according to Jesus !

    Jesus declares @ John 8:44 that the 'Money Changers & Pharisees' are
    the children of the Two legged reptile "The Father of Lies"...!

    ALL MODERN DAY SO-CALLED "JEWS" are "Proselytes" to Talmudic Judaism
    and are not "Hebrews" or from any 'Tribe of the Children of Israel'

    for the record - the "elephant" is "Jewish" !

    Thanks to Jesus NO ONE HAS TO BE A "JEW" !

    {The Jewish STATE of mind is "Hell"}



  2. The United States of America needs a monetary reform to rid itself of the Federal Reserve system that usurped control in 1913.

  3. America is like this lady that has a choice between guys like Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netenyahu.

    Vladimir Putin gives America wonderful gifts and would like to help America.


    Benjamin Netenyahu is one that gives America broken glass,Gives his followers a "HI" via Big Screen(Even though behind American backs he hates them and stabs them in back) and whenever America doesn't Kiss Benjamin Netenyahu and Israel's Ass.

    All America gets is Scolded and Punished Via Zionist/Jewish Business Actions.


    America being the Stupid Air Headed Hoe that it is Says "We'd Perferred Benjamin Netenyahu and Israel because Jews say if you bless us then God will bless you(You know sweet talk BULLSHIT!!!)."


    Because the Pentagon being the bitches that they are,care more producing and making money off the"American Viper"bullshit.


    Being real heroes and arrest the Zionist Bankers,Media Owners,CEO'S,Mob Bosses.

    You see,The rest of the world wants to be rid of the Rothschilds,Israel,while once again America prefers to be slapped and abused by the Zionists.

  4. Thanks to Jesus NO ONE HAS TO BE A "JEW" !

    Thanks to Islam no one has to be either of those, lol.

  5. in the for what it is worth dept.

    this may have some bearing on the LANGUAGE "issue"


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