Saturday, June 4, 2016

A West Bank Palestinian Got the Drop on Jewcentric FACEB***!

Gotta love this. Some poor, West Bank Palestinian, living under occupation of the Israeli terrorist state, barely getting online with a five yo old laptop, finding a bug in Zuckerberg's FACEB*** racket, then the Jews at FACEB*** refusing to pay up for the finding of a bug under their 'Bounty' program.

And even after informing FACEB*** they had a bug in their system and its location, they still had to contact the Palestinian to guide them to the actual bug in FACEB***.

So much for that Jew superiority gene, which we GOY hear about constantly. Zuckerberg's FB is in the heart of Silicon Valley, with access to a virtual unlimited supply of money and geeks, and they couldn't detect a bug that was on FB until the West Bank Palestinian contacted FB and showed them where the bug was

On August 19, 2013, it was reported that a Facebook user from Yatta, West Bank Khalil Shreateh had found a bug that allowed him to post material to other users' Facebook Walls. Users are not supposed to have the ability to post material to the Facebook Walls of other users unless they are approved friends of those users that they have posted material to. To prove that he was telling the truth, Shreateh posted material to Sarah Goodin's wall, a friend of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Following this, Shreateh contacted Facebook's security team with the proof that his bug was real, explaining in detail what was going on. Facebook has a bounty program in which it compensates people a US$500 fee for reporting bugs instead of using them to their advantage or selling them on the black market. However, it was reported that instead of fixing the bug and paying Shreateh the fee, Facebook originally told him that "this was not a bug" and dismissed him. Shreateh then tried a second time to inform Facebook, but they dismissed him yet again. On the third try, Shreateh used the bug to post a message to Mark Zuckerberg's Wall, stating "Sorry for breaking your privacy … but a couple of days ago, I found a serious Facebook exploit" and that Facebook's security team was not taking him seriously. Within minutes, a security engineer contacted Shreateh, questioned him on how he performed the move and ultimately acknowledged that it was a bug in the system. Facebook temporarily suspended Shreateh's account and fixed the bug after several days. Facebook refused to pay out the bounty to Shreateh, stating that by posting to Zuckerberg's account, Shreateh had violated one of their terms of service policies and therefore "could not be paid." Facebook also noted that in Shreateh's initial reports, he had failed to provide technical details for Facebook to act on the bug.

On August 22, 2013, Yahoo News reported that Marc Maiffret, a chief technology officer of the cybersecurity firm BeyondTrust, is prompting hackers to support in raising a $10,000 reward for Khalil Shreateh. On August 20, Maiffret stated that he had already raised $9,000 in his efforts, including the $2,000 he himself contributed. He and other hackers alike have denounced Facebook for refusing Shreateh compensation. Stated Maiffret, "He is sitting there in Palestine doing this research on a five-year-old laptop that looks like it is half broken. It's something that might help him out in a big way." Facebook representatives have since responded, "We will not change our practice of refusing to pay rewards to researchers who have tested vulnerabilities against real users." Facebook representatives also claimed they'd paid out over $1 million to individuals who have discovered bugs in the past.
So much for that Jew superiority gene...Beaten by a Palestinian and his worn-out laptop!

And screwed out of the bounty money by the FACEB*** con artists. You can bet that if someone named Morris Lipschitz of Brooklyn, NY had found this bug, the reward would of been paid and it would of been turned into a Zionist MSM news item about alleged Jew superiority.

Khalil Shreateh could of sold his FB bug knowledge to malicious hackers for Big Money, and let them do some damage, but chose not to. A true human being with real ethics, unlike a Tribe of Khazar land thieves infesting Palestine.

But Jew Inc isn't as high and mighty as they think they are. In some ways, they're much inferior to the Gentile race.
For instance, what kind of mental retard likes to play with dog shit?


  1. 5 dancing shlomosJune 4, 2016 at 9:45 AM

    wished he had kept quiet.
    now on parasite's radar
    expect some night visit
    organs removed
    at least one to zuck-the-thief's head
    soul is safe
    one thing jew cant steal

  2. 5, this story is three years old, but just found the damn thing. It wasn't in many media outlets, for some reason.....yeah.

    He's still alive...for now.


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