Wednesday, June 15, 2016

American Jew Journalist Admits MOSSAD is Actually ISIS--Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

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The clip with Dan Raviv talking about the MOSSAD is from a August 5 1990 interview on a C-Span program called "Booknotes," where Raviv talked about the book he co-wrote with Yossi Melman called "Every Spy a Prince: The Complete History of Israel's Intelligence Community." The book focused on the five branches of the Israeli intelligence community and the role of each branch. It also speculates on the future roles of the intelligence community in a potentially explosive area with the possibility of chemical, biological, and nuclear warfare.

The one conducting the interview is Brian Lamb, a longtime fixture at C-Span.

Here's the part of that interview, transcribed, where they talk about MOSSAD being ISIS, it's at the 23:10 mark on the video. Dan Raviv is speaking:
LAMB: You tell the story about how you tried to find out what they call the Mossad when they deal with it publicly.

RAVIV: I thought it was a reasonable question but the trouble is, you can't pick up the phone book. There's no Langley in Israel that you can look up, you know, CIA or, in our case, the Mossad. We thought we should ask, "What shall we call it in English?" We can translate the Hebrew words, and like I said, Mossad is "institute." But when they write a letter to their friends in the CIA or the British intelligence, what do they call themselves? It took a while. It was a matter of asking the prime minister's spokesman -- the best you could do because officially the Mossad is under the prime minister's office. And I think he sort of wondered, "Why do you want to know?" and all that, so we explained and he came up with the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. And if it were to have initials it would be ISIS, just simple words like that -- interestingly enough, though, kind of a British model. The British don't really like the names MI5 and MI6 for their foreign service. They prefer SIS, Secret Intelligence Service.

LAMB: What was the toughest bit of information to gather for this book?

MELMAN: I think about the extent, the involvement of the Israeli intelligence in a topic which is very unusual for intelligence, and this is immigration. That's probably even more sensitive than dealing with our military capabilities. Since Israel perceived itself not just as a state of the Israelis and for the Israelis but also a state for the Jews whenever, wherever they are. So the Israeli intelligence is becoming the Jewish intelligence, with two specific missions: one, to protect Jewish communities which are in peril, mainly in Arab countries, Jewish communities that are persecuted by the local authorities; and secondly, to bring those Jews from the countries that they are not allowed to immigrate, to bring them over to Israel. Recently the Israeli intelligence was trying and is still trying to bring over Ethiopian Jews from Ethiopia, what was known as Operation Moses. So that, I think, it was tougher than talking -- the researching for Mossad or for Aman. And there is a special unit dealing with Jewish immigration.
Any questions?

You can also see this on the parody video of Lady Ga Ga by Goyim Goddess:

It's a musical parody of some Lady Ga Ga song, but jump to the 3:30 mark where an interviewer is talking to a Dan Raviv, back in 1990, who was trying to find out what MOSSAD meant in English. He finally contacted the Israeli PM's office and they said MOSSAD translate into English as ISIS, Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

What happens when someone tries to put up truth on JEWtube?
Sarah Brackstone1 month ago

WHERE has Shiksa Goddess channel disappeared to ? It was here last week, all that is left are a few uploads on other people channels.


  1. shiksa goddess channel in now goyim goddess. Enjoy

  2. 5 dancing shlomosJune 15, 2016 at 11:25 AM

    first ive seen/heard brian lamb since approx july 2002. used to lamb and cspan in lead up to iraq2. always a jew or jew pet pushing for war.

    callers dissenting or correcting lies were cut off. usual excuses: sorry hit wrong button, caller i recognize your voice. not more than i call every 30 days.

    i'm good at recognizing voices.

    lamb others lied in their supporting the push to war.

    always hung up on me when i could get through and never responded to emails.

  3. 5 dancing shlomosJune 15, 2016 at 11:29 AM

    above insert "watch" between "used to" and "lamb"

    also these segments supporting war against iraq, supporting israel

    replayed throughout 24 hrs

  4. at least Brian Lamb preserved their CHUTZPAH for posterity sake

    gotta give him that much...

    Memphis in '68 saw troops in the streets and 3pm curfews
    in one of those {{{JEWISH}}} theatre productions where a
    National "NEGRO" hero {{{JEW}}} made gets shot by a
    lone gunman PATSY....

    things will only get worse before they get better...

  5. That parody vid was great! And the booknotes segment in the end was prefect. Sorry I said I didn't like it when you sent me the link:-)

  6. Greg, do you know about Ira?

  7. Your page links to and that site no longer works. Here is a working version


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