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Largest US Aid Package in History Going to Our Overlord, Israel

MAZEL TOV from Israel to America
6.25.15 photo wt7_zpsczk6rscn.gif

America has worn-out, even dangerous infrastructure, with shot-to-hell highways and bridges; outdated and crowded public schools; outdated and past their safe operating age nuclear power plants to got rubber-stamped for continued usage--can you say Fukushima?--an overloaded electrical grid one hot Summer away from rolling brownouts and so many wounded vets the VA hospitals are past capacity, most of whom got that way fighting Israel's dirty wars, yet we're always told there's no money for these crucial needs, but Congress has all sorts of money to give to that nation of back-stabbers, thieves, bigots, murderers, racists and liars?

Remarks by National Security Advisor Susan Rice at the American Jewish Committee Global to transcript. If you have a strong stomach for treason and some serious Jew ass-kissing by the incompetent klutz and traitor, Susie Rice.
"There's a unique, unusual relationship between the US National Guard and the Israeli Home Front Command. I walk around [in the US] in my IDF uniform — proudly, I should add — and I'm the only foreign officer here."

Israeli Lt. Col. Ariel Blitz, Israel's Home Front Command sole representative abroad, stationed at the US National Guard headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

The only foreign posting of the United States National Guard Bureau is at the headquarters of Israel's Home Front Command, in Ramle, an ancient town in central Israel where Col. Alicia Tate-Nadeau, 49, has been embedded with Israeli forces for two years.

The National Guard Bureau and Israel’s Home Front Command are ostensibly bodies that handle only internal matters. But they have each made an exception for the other: their relationship spans almost every area of activity, including 31 joint events in fiscal year 2013, according to Rose Richeson, the National Guard Bureau spokeswoman.
So much for the American National Guard, who's main mission is to protect the home front, not deploying overseas to kiss Israeli ass.
Maj. Max Goldenberg, the Israel Defense Forces officer in charge of international cooperation for the Home Front Command, declares somewhat sternly that Israel's relationship with the United States “stands above the level of cooperation with every other country.
Yes, it's the 'cooperation' between the Occupier, Israel, and the occupied, the USA. Thought the NG was supposed to be our first-line of defense/help when the feces hits the rotary oscillator here in the USA, but that was shown to be a lie when they couldn't even adequately respond to the horrific damage caused by Hurricane Katrina, since most were deployed to Iraq, fighting one of the many Zionist wars for Israeli land theft.

6.8.16 photo wwIII_zps1mkxnguo.png
Susan Rice Assures Israel of ‘Largest Military Aid Package in American History’ 6.6.16

While her speech today at the American Jewish Committee Global Forum included some vague criticism of ongoing Israeli settlement expansion, as usual that will have no impact on US policy, as National Security Adviser Susan Rice centered the speech on pledges of a record military aid package being agreed to soon.

The aid package, which Rice reiterated would be the “single largest military assistance package – with any country – in American history,” is expected to be between $37.5 and $40 billion over the next decade, which Rice said proved increasing aid to Israel isn’t a partisan issue in the US, but “an enduring American interest.”

The US had initially offered a $40 billion deal which required the Israeli government to promise not to lobby the US Congress for more money during the 10-year plan, but this was rejected by Netanyahu. Other offers, in the realm of $35 billion but without the restrictions, have similarly been spurned.
Imagine that. Get offered 40 BILLION with no strings attached and Betty Nuttyahoo turns it down..Only to get offered a bigger load of free money and weapons. Like the F-35, which Israel will take apart, copy the systems worth stealing, then build those in an Israeli defense plant and sell to nations like Commie China. Like they've already done with our stealth technology.

All of this for the nation, Israel that masterminded the 9/11 False Flag? Time to intervene with some good American oak and American made hemp rope!

U.S.-Israel Joint Training on the Increase, Missile Defense Cooperation Accelerates

The Generals and Admirals Program to Israel

Wonder how long it takes to get that nasty taste of Yid feces off their lips?

Keep in mind that these 'training' programs aren't about training as they are about Israel putting its best face forward and getting chummy with their GOY slaves, who will be expected to keep fighting and dying for those endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' so the Khazar land thieves can steal more ME territory.

American paratroopers train with IDF's Egoz unit in they'll be able to learn from Israel's vast knowledge of murdering civilians when taking over an area that Israel wants to steal for their Eretz Israel project. Like Deir Yassin..
A large scale training exercise held in Israel this week saw 173 American paratroopers and hundreds of fighters from the IDF's elite Egoz unit, participating in joint invasion drills and getting to know each other.

The officer added that the forces avoided holding shooting or fitness competitions between the sides. The American solders "did Shabbat" at Nevatim Airbase, visited Masada and Jerusalem, and held a running competition in a Druze village in the north..
What, no trip to Holocaust™ land where they could get regaled with six million lies? Guess not, since they didn't have enough wealth to become a target for donations.


  1. "U.S.-Israel Joint Training on the Increase, Missile Defense Cooperation Accelerates"

    It's just sickening.But it was this kind of shit that made me aware that 911 was between US & Israel rather than any Arabs. From there anyone can figure out that the holocaust was a lie too. From there on down the line forwards& backwards. I have figured out that most of the scary stories in medieval Christian Europe was about Jews, stories with ogres were Jews. Like Krumpus. And the I believe the Pied Piper was a Jew and the Kindlifresser statue in Switzerland and so on. And that the carpetbaggers after the civil war were Jews. You just start connecting all kinds of dots. Anything the Jews calls "antisemitic" means it was them in truth.

  2. If the little shitty country think that they will be safe & neutral when the SHTF ?? Then read the following ??

    If it comes to that, here is just a very partial list of the first hour's possible targets.

    Middle East and Southwest Asia
    Haifa !!!
    Tel Aviv !!!
    Herzliya !!!
    Dimona !!!

    City of London !!!
    Souda Bay
    Menwith Hill

    Pine Gap (hit by waves of multi-megaton warheads) !!!

    Pacific Region

    USSA Mainland
    San Diego
    Puget Sound region
    Bluffdale, Utah
    Los Alamos
    White Sands
    San Antonio
    Killeen/Ft. Hood
    Memphis/Naval Support Activity Mid-South
    Kings Bay
    Manhattan !!!
    Mt. Weather
    Site R
    Camp David
    Camp Peary/Cheatham Annex

  3. wawawa......

    Whole America is crying over "Terror in tel aviv" news, as two gunmen storm into cafe and shoot dead four people 'including girl aged four'

    OMG...just before shavout holiday! America must venge on israel's behalf by nuking all the muzzies. we israhellies are busy doing other stuff.....including:

    well, just fill in the blanks.

  4. Musique, it was two West Bank Hasidic Jews, not Palestinians, that's why the story has been dropped from endless rotation on ZNN and FAUX.

    The West Bank settlers hatred and craziness finally made them take it out on the other thieves.

  5. 5 dancing shlomosJune 9, 2016 at 10:59 AM

    thanks for info on killers

  6. 5, was watching RT when the latest Zionist psyops bust onto the scene. Switched to ZNN and they were covering the BS explosion, just like FAUX. That Shepherd Smith of FAUX is one of the most obnoxious turds on the planet.

    They didn't have much info, but that didn't stop them from bloviating, wondering who did this foul deed. Until it came on that it was two Hasidic Jews, whoa, wait, it was two Palestinians dressed up as Hasidic Jews, calmly sitting in the market place, drinking.. Didn't say drinking what, but surrounded by hundreds of Jews, and nearby was some Israeli Ministry of Death or War, which means there were all sorts of plain-clothes security personnel there and nobody noticed two Palestinians pretending to be Hasidic Jews, armed to the teeth with assault pistols/rifles?

    The overwhelmed news anchors wondered where they got such firepower and how they snuck it into Israel and then Tel Aviv.

    Within 20 minutes, that story, which would've usually ran virtually non-stop for hours and hours, was dropped in favor of Trump bashing and asking Bernie to concede, with the occasional mention of the shooting.

    This morning, went looking for the latest and all I could find was 8-10 hours old.

    But this shooting, pulled off by batshit crazy Jew settlers, will be used to ethnically cleanse a large portion of the West Bank, and to dun fools around the world for MO' Money.

    The fuckers are thirsting for more Palestinian blood, and want to get a taste before Clinton steals the WH and Israel goes on another murder spree in Gaza this Fall, like they did in 2008 after the Lyin' King was installed.


  7. are they going to commit mass suicide...

    er um,

    it's a small wonder that the {{{JEWISH TERRORISTS}}} are able to keep that many
    {{{JEWS}}} to stay in the cult compound...

    but then they believe in some seriously bat shit crazy {{{JEWISH}}} lies...

    dig those comments


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