Sunday, June 5, 2016

Video Proof Russians Are a Crazed War Mongers, Lusting for WW III

While viewing this evidence that Russians are crazed war mongers desiring to exchange nukes with that 'exceptional' nation, you'll see why Russians are so dangerous!

If Obama or HRM Hillary/Trump get stupid enough to 'man up' on Russia and force on the world WW III, all those deluded Christian Pentecostals/Evangelicals should be giddy with joy when those mushroom clouds start popping up, building that Stairway to Heaven out of the charred, radioactive corpses of hundreds of millions...more like billions of victims. At least some of us will finally get to go home.


  1. Wow! What a bunch of totally normal heterosexual people having fun in the snow. Seriously they must be eliminated. Unless there is a good way to earn shekels by taxing all those smiles.

  2. Yes Noor, obviously a danger to humanity!

  3. looks like a shortage of PC police, er um KIKES...

    speaking of Russia...looks like a {{{JEWISH TERRORIST}}}
    is meeting with Putin...


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