Saturday, July 2, 2016

False Flag Checklist

Looking to the Future

STOPS creates Hyper-Realistic™ training environments and simulations based on human terrain analytics, an understanding of human geography, and the social and cultural awareness that can help our military and civilian counterparts shape the human terrain before instability morphs into threats.
Hey Kids, want to play along at home and pretend you're under attack by 'al CIA Duh' or ISIS, the Israeli Secret Intelligence Services?

Just buy some of our life-like products, along with our fake blood and then stage an incident in your town. Slice and dice the life-like surgical cut suit and cover with fake blood. Then be sure to have someone call the MSM, acting nervous and scared when 'reporting' this attack and you too can make the news!

strat_ops_7.2.16 photo Blast_zpsu3djni14.png
Artificial (SFX) Blood Kit

Strategic Operations Artificial (SFX) Blood Kit brings the caliber of Hollywood special effects to the world of medical simulations and is an essential component of Hyper-Realistic™ training evolutions. The SFX Blood Kit is competitively priced and user intuitive, ensuring maximum training fidelity concurrent with the goal of removing the word “notional” from medical training scenarios. The SFX Blood Kit can be purchased standalone or comes with the purchase of other Strategic Operations medical simulation products (Surgical Cut Suit, TCCC/EMS Cut Suit, Blood Pumping System, and Combat Wound Kit). Utilization of realistic, simulated blood during medical scenarios is paramount in stress inoculation training, to better prepare medical providers and first responders to the psychological and physical rigors of their job. The SFX Blood Kit is capable of being reconstituted into a total blood volume of 5 to 10 gallons dependent on the desired viscosity of the simulated blood.
If you don't have enough 'ragheads' in your town to frame, then buy one of our ME village setups and then you can really raise that False Flag to the level of Wolf Blitzer!

strat-ops1 photo blast2_zpshtsscj0w.png

This is bound to come in handy when say, your presidential pick gets her teat in a ringer for having her husband talk in private to the US Attorney General to make sure the indictment will be squashed and to find out what Panama account will get money from your charity fund to keep the ol' bitch out of jail and headed to the WH!

A subsidiary of Jew Inc, straight out of Hollywood to ensure our dream of Eretz Israel!

"Hail Yahwew!" Or is that 'Hail Yahoo?'


  1. Great finding, Greg. Except ..except for the "melted/deeply wounded" ..gulp...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww......can't look at that body part!

    Anyway, speaking of the latest carnage, It is Bangladesh. Here is something interesting...rita turdz has done it again.

    SITE Intelligence publishes photos of ‘Dhaka cafe assailants’
    SITE, which studies terrorist activities, released the photos on its Twitter account around 10pm on Saturday.

    Its co-founder Rita Katz, whose activities have aroused suspicion among Bangladesh officials, said in a tweet that Middle East-based radical group Islamic State, which has claimed credit for the massacre, released the photos.

  2. Another Rita Katz special. At least the Bangladesh officials are using their heads.

  3. Here's an interesting effort, perhaps worth publicizing:
    Also his comment here:

  4. This is a false flag mock drill in Chelmsford Ma.
    The town of the Boston marathon hero comes from??
    The legless guy.
    I sent this to northerntruthseeker.
    He did not comment
    As i said to him.
    Maybe the legless dude once participated in this mock drill???
    I do not know
    Just wanted to help your cause in the pursuit of truth.
    Thank you

  5. your pal hellie the weasel died the other day.

  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your effort in sharing this informative articles. Very impressive and quite interesting for the readers. Good job.


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