Friday, July 8, 2016

"If This Be Revolution, Let Us Make the Most of It"

The shootings of the police in Dallas could be the work of some PO blacks who are tired of being used as targets for an out-of-control, thuggish police force nationwide. But the ambush style, the deadly shooting killing five out of 12 officers hit seems more like some kind of government psyop, especially considering that the shooter was blown up by a police robot. Dead men tell no tales.

But if it's not some kind of government terror op, then it's time to get away from our 55" HDTV, the Big Boy lounger and the ever present bag of chips and soda and take out nation back from the liars, thugs, war mongers, thieves, con artists and goons that have taken over the government and use it for their own benefit, mainly getting filthy rich and avoiding prosecution for their myriad number of crimes.

And that means blood, lots and lots of blood will be shed.

It's either that, or stay hunkered down behind our TV's, too afraid to speak up about government abuses, let alone fight back.

And condemn our kids and grand kids to a lifetime of misery, death and subjugation.


From three in custody and the one dead by his own hand, to only one shooter and he died by robot execution. Smells like a false flag to me. At least the wicked bitch of the East, Hillary, is out of the news.

dallas_7.16 photo dallas_zps4wdityks.png


  1. Unrelated (?)

    Romanian hacker with access to Clinton emails found dead in jail cell

  2. Pegged it as a false flag distracts from heat the police forces are under which is intense. Lone shooter my arse. The officer's shot are sacrifices if not all together staged. The sacrifice would be easier to pull know they've got those Manchurian candidate types always ready to bring out when they need them.

  3. Hi Greg,

    Why there are so many white cops full of rage and ready to pull the triggers on low income blacks? Wish they were doing their jobs by protecting us from the real criminals behind the curtains ....ummm, bankers, politicians, and culprits gave us 9/11.

  4. The cops are being protected by the same scum that pulled off 9/11 so the cops can protect the scum.

    Kind of a perverted love affair.


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