Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Secretly Recorded Conversation of Two Hasidic Jews at the **** Synagogue in ************, MO

A Jewish friend (Benny) of mine--for now, until this comes out--recently commented that he thought my blog postings were getting too radical, even anti-Semitic and expressed concerns that I was only getting one-side of the story. He offered to take me to the **** Synagogue in ************, MO that he attends, even though it's a bit of a drive, but the most convenient Orthodox Judaism Synagogue for him, since he had family and friends in the area.

Benny said finding out more about the kindly, peaceful and generous nature of Jews might help dispel the negative images I had been exposed to on those alternative news sites. I was intrigued by his offer and accepted. My instinct told me to somehow bring along a recording device besides my cell phone, which might of been somehow disabled inside the **** Synagogue or maybe I would be asked to leave it the front or something. Managed to secure a small, credit card size audio recording device with a small, hidden mic on my person, with the mic cord going up thru a hole I poked in my pants pocket, then snaked up behind my shirt and down my suit coat's sleeve.

That came in handy, for sure enough, after meeting Rabbi ***** at the start, who cordially talked with us and welcomed me to the place. He placed in the hands of a muscular type who looked like some IDF soldier on leave. He asked in a friendly yet no nonsense way to leave my cell phone at the front desk, since this synagogue was for quiet reflection and worship, not for texting and checking one's Facebook page. Told him I understood and handed over my cell phone. But he didn't frisk me, so my recording device was good to go!

That device came in handy when we stopped in a medium-size room, some kind of kitchen area, where Benny served some excellent Wissotzky(sp?) tea, and I'm not a tea drinker. Two tables over sat two Orthodox Jew looking types, dressed in all black, except for their white shirts and with those flat-brimmed hats. One was talking in a rather animated manner, the other was a cool customer who seemed to be trying to calm down his friend. The cool customer's name was 'Moshe' and the other one's name I couldn't pickup clearly on the mic, so I'll just identify him as 'Jew2.'

Here's the part of their conversation I was able to record:

Moshe: "Calm down my friend, we've got all that covered. Your worries about 9/11 are being taken care of in..."

Jew2: "Dammit, you're not listening. This damned Internet has gotten out-of-control with all those nosy SOB's on those so-called news sites getting too close to the truth about 9/11"

Moshe: "That's being taken care of as we speak. Look at the sidetracking of the 9/11 story we had out Congressional lackey's spill to the media. And all these so-called terror attacks, well, we both know who's really behind them. We've got the typical dumb-ass American so scared, they'll gladly hate and kill anyone we tell our media to frame. So calm down before..."

Jew2: "9/11 isn't my only worry. Some Americans are also getting wise to the Jewish control of their financial system and economy and are going to put us into a predicament we can't..."

Moshe:"_______, we've been here before more than a few times over the last millennia or so and we learned each time. Americans know bupkes. No my friend, this time is for good. Our dream of an Eretz Israel is coming true and no damned GOY is going to screw things up. Any that try will get a visit from you know who and BANG, problem solved."

Jew2: "Maybe you're right. Maybe I'm just too ..."

Moshe: "Besides, look at the US presidential race. That crook Hillary couldn't get elected dog-catcher without our help and when she gets into the office, she'll gladly take out ..."

At point, we had started to move again and my mic wasn't picking up their conversation.

But it was a rather interesting exchange, wouldn't you say?


  1. Mate that sounds a little funny to me. I'm on your site regularly I like the info you have but that does not seem like a proper conversation out the blue

  2. Good catch, Greg. As you were walking by, you should've said, you're right Moshe, the goyim are indeed waking up... be very afraid.

  3. It doesn't seem credible to me. The dialog is false. Two Jews who know each other, talk often and think alike would not use this kind of language "the truth about 9/11" or "our dream of an Eretz Israel is coming true," or "look at the sidetracking of the 9/11 story." That's something a non-Jew would put in a Jew's mouth in a parody. A normal, natural dialog between these two would not need qualifiers, it would be more shorthand. Sorry. Not a good try on the author's part.

  4. Jeez, ariad, you're too arid! Greg does publish excellent parodies and label them as "parody/satire" whatever may be the case. He probably forgot to do it this time. Just use your imagination at times....

    It is brilliant, Greg!

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