Monday, July 18, 2016

"Welcome to Martial Law; Soon, We'll Be Living Like Gazans"

That's what's coming to the USA and apparently soon, compliments of the same back-stabbing SOB's that attacked us on 9/11 and control the Fed, the Treasury and State Departments, Congress and select our president.

And love to wallow in corruption.

One of our new Masters! Rechnitz_Netty_7.16 photo rr_zpspxhnk48x.png
Jona and another wealthy Hasidic Jew have been swept up in the bribery and corruption scandal which has rocked the De Blasio administration in New York City. They did favors for the corrupt head of the city prison officers union, Norman Seabrook, and offered gifts and benefits to senior police officers in the precinct where they lived. Among the crooked deals was a $60,000 payment to Seabrook (paid in a $1,000 Ferragamo hand bag) in return for the union boss’ steering $20-million to a Rechnitz associate’s investment fund. Seabrook was miffed as he’d been told he could net $150,000 from the arrangement.

Among other favors were all-expenses paid gambling junkets to Las Vegas on a private jet. Another part of the entertainment provided was a prostitute dressed as a flight attendant whose “services” included far more than providing drinks and snacks.

Presumably, Rechnitz did this so he could gain favorable service response and attention from local police personnel in Brooklyn Orthodox neighborhoods. But he had even bigger ambitions, which led him and his associate made six-figure donations to various DeBlasio political fundraising vehicles once he’d won the Democratic mayoral primary.
Those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street Casinos are in worse shape now than in 2007 and when the financial system blows up this time, it will make 2008 seem like a picnic. So that scum needs martial law in place to take care of any uppity Americans who haven't succumbed to all the mind-numbing BS and propaganda that is infesting most American minds.

Those brave souls will fight back when they get fucked over AGAIN, so it would be much easier to have martial law in place before the next planned economic depression, blamed on 'Lone Wolf' types that are being framed for shooting all those American cops. If they had really wanted to catch the real cop shooters in Louisiana, they should of went to this address, just a few blocks away, but too late now, they made 'aliyah' to the mother ship to enjoy a life of ease on our money and blood.

Martial law will be needed when folks start rioting because there's no food at the grocery store, since nations across the planet will no longer accept our worthless FED notes, fit for toilet paper or the wood stove.

As for me, I pray to have the courage of my convictions when they come to confiscate my self-defense tools.


  1. In a slightly related topic. The Middle East is a hellhole now thanks to USrael and I wish the whole place would be nuked to oblivion... Turkey first. I am abolishing any discussion or thoughts concerning it from my consciousness from this point forward for the rest of my life. Amen to the chief archon of ignorance.

  2. The hooker dressed as a stewardess was badly treated and ripped off and has charges in the works. I read this article a week or two ago:

    I asked "tea or coffee", but I guess they wanted me instead': Former prostitute details 'mile-high romp with NYPD officers at center of corruption scandal' ~

    As for scumbag Blasio, just before reading your piece here, I had just read THIS about that filthy thing:

    New York City to Impose $250,000 Fines For Calling Transgenders By Wrong Pronoun

    These folks do make Trump look good in comparison....

    I have always said the fight is everywhere but nowhere so important as in Palestine where we SEE the results of their work.

  3. Isn't there something like 31 different 'genders' in NYC? And you don't have to stay with any one, one can flit around from gender to gender and keep the businesses guessing as to what to call you today?

    Insanity on a national level.

  4. Orlov suggests that “150 strong” can solve many of the problems present in our economies and societies – smaller communities of 150 who can trust each other and work together as a unit during the crisis of capitalism.


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