Friday, August 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Black Soul for Sale on EBay!

Item condition: “Old but unused. - See Description for Details”

HC_soul photo hc_zpsewyiiscv.jpg

For a limited time, available to the highest bidder, is the unopened, unused, and unfortunately non-working soul of Hillary Clinton. Although many times souls are exchanged with the devil for favors or other worldly items, even lucifer said this one was a bit too evil for him so it is going to have to go for cold hard cash. Comes with a free pass from the FBI and DOJ.

It is very adept at deceit, murder a.k.a assisted "suicide", incompetence and ineptitude. Somehow it has embodied Rules for Radicals and knows the book of satan backwards and forwards, however it has never seen the US Constitution.

Very flexible for its age as it likes to be used to cover things up or be covered up itself. Recently gained strength through the consumption of others poorer souls such as Bernie Sander, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Tim Kaine and Richard Hanna to name a few.

Comes complete with a certificate of authenticity for your records.

Note: Even if you win this auction be warned that it may accept a higher bid at anytime and turn on you in doing so.

Seriously, all you are going to get is a picture of a bear turd signed by someone, but we don't know who yet.

Any money raised from this auction will be donated to the Young Americans Foundation.
Isn't asking $20 USD a bit steep for the opening bid?

Ha-ha-ha! Unfortunately, EBay has already deep-sixed this very valuable piece of political satire, but then again, considering how many Americans are so functionally illiterate, knowing only what FOX N*** and ZNN shovels into their sex and food obsessed brain, many would probably think this is true.

I would have to disagree on the Bernie Sanders comment, since Bernie knew he was going to 'Bern' his followers from the beginning, he was just a foil to divert attention from the myriad number of Hillary crimes and give her time to $$$$$$ the situation.

P.S. Hope the bear community don't take insult at this!


  1. We're getting Killary, like it or not. Sanders is a Judas Goat, that was apparent to me a long time ago.

  2. Hillary has the DIEBOLD/ESS voting bloc locked up.

  3. I worked as a temp at King County elections in 2004 and they had just introduced the Diebold software. That stuff has glitches in it - it copied information from one screen to the next that shouldn't be copied onto the next screen - so if the person working the computer caught it it would be corrected - however, most of my co-workers were dolts who spent a lot of time on their cell phones and playing games online - this was in the process of registering voters.

    Obviously they didn't hire someone to test it enough to get the bugs out of it, then you can imagine the glitches all the way up the line.

    I also worked at one of the polling places once. The machine counted 85 ballots when only 84 went in. Go figure.

  4. Yep, looks just like her LOL! And I have my bet on Hillary even though I would never dirty my soul by voting for either her nor Trump. Jill Stein has my vote for the sake of my soul.


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