Sunday, September 4, 2016

JIDF Springs into Action, Taking Out Those Nasty Palestinian TRUTH Videos

For those who don't know, JIDF stand for the Jew Internet Defense Forces, a play on words of the world's most immoral army, the savage, unhinged, sadistic and murderous IDF, voted #1 when it comes to shooting Palestinian kids in the heads and their mothers in the stomach, like this:

Another News story from Palestine showing the horrors of living under a Zionist Regime. This is a story spoken not just from palestinians but Israeli Defense force troops. Now this Video was already shown on a Mainstream media source, the Ironic thing is it was the Israeli media who showed it first. Israeli Officials have condemned the censorship(same officials who condemn palestinian censorship as well). Is this a sign that maybe even Israelis are getting tired of the corruption? (be patient in the first couple minutes we had to leave a message for the J.I.D.F(Jewish Internet Defense Force)) Insha'Allah enjoy the video that the Israeli Government did not want you to see, that is if you didn't see it in Israel already

How would you like it if some heavily-armed Jew thugs kicked down your front door and shot up your wife, then refused to let an ambulance respond? Then the same thugs would rip apart your house, looking for 'weapons' and steal any valuables you might have and if you protested, you'd get an American supplied M-16 rifle butt to your face.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it!

More about those kindly, peace-loving JIDF psychos can be found here:

Who says Israelis don't love Palestinians?

Israel is an illegal and immoral construct built upon the corpses of tens of thousands of indigenous Palestinians, and with generous help from the world's biggest CON, the phony Holocaust™

The Syrian invasion is the same war that we’ve been waging against the Muslim world since the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag. Wars waged against nations that were NO threat to the USA, but which Israel needs to be destroyed so it can be the only Big Dog in the region and expand its borders from the Rivers Nile to the Tigris-Euphrates.

Paid for with the blood of our children and the wealth of our nation. Trillions and trillions of our tax money gone to destroy nations that were NO threat to the USA, but which Israel and those 'Too Big to Fail' Jew banks wanted destroyed.

And if the crazy mother-fuckers get their wish in Syria, then the LIES about IRAN will be back, broadcast 24/7 by the JEW MSM.

The next time you lose a hubcap that falls off when you hit a pothole the size of a small pond, don’t get mad, be happy that you could do your part to please Israel, knowing that the money needed to fix our broken infrastructure has gone to Israel so Jew Inc can enlarge its borders!

And if you go to the local military cemetery this weekend to visit your dead son or daughter killed fighting wars for Israel, give thanks to G-d for taking your precious child in such a noble cause!

Plus, here's a bonus pic for my JIDF buds who kept stalking me online until this lady showed me how to kiss those nasty sons-ofa-bitches goodbye. This is for you Abe, Shlomo and Ehud!

But Das Juden will never give up, not when their Goon Squads stalk the Earth, looking for easy prey, but occasionally running into knuckleheads like me, who don't take their noxious shit.

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